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How Your Company Can Help
Corporate Philanthropy

Companies can support Waterford Place in a number of ways. One is through traditional corporate philanthropy, such as a sponsorship of one of Rush Copley’s events that benefit Waterford Place.

Grants or donations can be made for annual operating costs of Waterford Place or for the endowment fund that ensures its ongoing sustainability.

In addition, several naming opportunities remain associated with construction of this facility.

Cause-Related Marketing

Rush Copley will also carefully consider proposals for Cause-Related Marketing campaigns that encourage your customers or clients to support Waterford Place. Because cancer touches one-third of all women in the United States today, and one-half of all men, many companies run product promotions that encourage support for cancer-related causes to build customer affinity.

One possibility is a commitment to donate a percentage of sales or make a specific donation for every purchase, including appropriate caps, time spans, and other terms and limitations.

Another is a “buy one, get one” promotion, that associates corporate giving and social impact with consumer purchases. An example would be to donate the amount needed to serve one cancer patient for every purchase made.

Workplace Giving

Companies can also encourage their employees to support Waterford Place. Workplace giving campaigns can build morale, team spirit, and employee loyalty.

Begin with a message from your company’s leadership endorsing Waterford Place and explaining the campaign. Make the campaign fun by creating events like a talent auction, putting contest, ice cream social, car wash or walkathon.

Incentivize giving by holding a raffle for donors for prizes like reserved parking, permission to dress casually on a given Friday, dinner with a top executive, or a public transit pass. Finally, offering a corporate match is a powerful way to inspire giving.

Matching Gifts

Many companies support individual donations by provided matching gifts. Ask your employer or search our database to see if your company has a matching gift program. You may have the opportunity to double or even triple your contribution to Waterford Place!

How We Can Help

Here are several examples of community fundraisers happening for Waterford Place.

Rush Copley Foundation can provide information and materials about how the programs at Waterford Place benefit cancer patients and their caregivers and loved ones.

Invite us to make a presentation on implementing these or other fundraising ideas, or about the programs at Waterford Place.