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Two Girls and a Pink Bicycle

Pink Bicycle DonationFrancesca Laube had a pink bicycle that she treasured throughout her childhood. Taking great pride in her pink bike, she washed it regularly and maintained it well to prevent rust. The high school student is now making plans to attend college and recently decided it was time to pass the bike on to another little girl. She wanted the bike to go to someone who would really appreciate it. Fran volunteers at Waterford Place and decided she wanted to give it to a child cancer survivor.

The Waterford Place staff immediately thought of a nine-year-old cancer survivor who deserved the opportunity to enjoy being a kid without the worries of cancer. They thought of Iliana who was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma when she was 13 months old, went through radiation for 13 months and then chemotherapy, completing treatment in 2014 when she was four years old. Despite all that she has been through, Iliana has a happy personality and finds ways to give back. She has been letting her hair grow so that she can donate it for wigs for kids.

Iliana still gets nervous about doctor appointments and her mom, Maria, says she and her husband, Benjamin, work very hard to make Iliana’s life as normal as possible. Because of Iliana’s cancer treatment, they know that life will be different for her as she goes through puberty and family planning.

But right now, thanks to Fran, Iliana is a nine-year-old making special memories with a well-loved pink bike.