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Mind, Body & Spirit programs are designed to help reduce stress and improve coping in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. Mindfulness, meditation, expressive arts, relaxation therapies and the healing garden offer powerful ways to help participants cope, find comfort and heal.

Giving Back Society

Friday, June 19 • 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Are you looking for opportunities to pay it forward by helping other cancer patients on the journey? Join the Waterford Place Giving Back Society where each month you and other members of the club will brainstorm ideas and participate in activities that make a difference in the cancer community. To register, please email or call 331-301-5280.

UZIT Body Awareness Meditation

UZIT, or Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, uses a variety of contemporary modalities – including breathwork, body awareness meditation, restorative poses, reiki and essential oils – to help ease discomfort. Enjoy a taste of UZIT with this 25-minute meditation from Pam Riley-Valesh, RN, certified clinical aromatherapist, and experience peace and inner calmness.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Kelly

Completely relax your muscles with progressive muscle relaxation training from Kelly Huggins. The technique featured in this 55-minute recording can be used to treat anxiety disorders, headaches, high blood pressure, pain, nausea and fatigue.

Healing Meditation: Relax with Sandy

Relax with Sandy LaBianco-Brown as she guides you through this healing sound meditation – made especially for you to listen to in your own home.

A Reconnection Guided Imagery Meditation with Kelly

Relax with this guided imagery meditation as you take a walk in your mind and reconnect with yourself to find joy and calmness.

Meditation: A Practice of RAIN from Tara Brach

Find calmness in the midst of fear. Meditation teacher Tara Brach guides this popular 20-minute meditation that focuses on the acronym RAIN – Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture – to bring mindfulness and compassion to difficult emotions.

Using Mindfulness: An Interview with Tara Brach

Learn to calm your coronavirus anxiety. In this interview, meditation teacher Tara Brach says calm is contagious and discusses how to use mindfulness in a pandemic.


Enjoy these music selections performed by Caring Arts musicians Bill and Katy.

Arts and Crafts

Make a Difference

Waterford Place is free of charge to participants; however it is entirely supported by philanthropy meaning that every gift matters. There are many fundraising, corporate giving, individual donation, wish list and volunteer opportunities. Learn more about ways to give.