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Rush Copley Community Walking Club

Rush Copley is pleased to offer community organizations, churches, PTOs, clubs, and neighborhood subdivisions the tools and resources to start a successful walking club. 

The Rush Copley Community Walking Club provides a broad range of services and incentives to help you and your team reach your personal and team goals. We offer free health assessments at the beginning of the program and can provide speakers to teach you warm up and cool down exercises as well as proper form while walking.

Goals of the Rush Copley Community Walking Club:

  • Raise participants' awareness of their daily physical activity
  • Provide an opportunity for healthy physical activity through walking
  • Encourage participants to develop a plan to continue walking and make walking a daily activity for a healthier lifestyle

How the Walking Club Works

Each Rush Copley Community Walking Club should have at least four participants and a captain.  Walking Club members will decide when and where they walk and keep a log to record their daily steps.


To help you start and manage your own walking club, Rush Copley will:

  • Present to organizations interested in starting a walking club
  • Provide handouts such as walking logs, tips for proper technique and safety, etc.
  • Provide participants with a pedometer to track their daily steps
  • Track the steps provided by team captains of the participants
  • Find opportunities to provide friendly competition among teams
  • Host events to provide motivation and support
  • Update the website to engage participants and provide additional support
  • Provide individuals with a health assessment that includes height, weight and BMI prior to the start of the walking club

Captain—This person will be the liaison between Rush Copley and the walking club, reporting on the team's walking logs and providing continuous positive linkage.

Members—Members will be expected to set both a personal and team goal, complete a health assessment prior to the start of the program, make a commitment to walking multiple times a week and report their step total and time (walking log) to their team captain on a regular basis.

Walking Club Testimonials

See below how the walking club has made a difference in some of our members' lives.

Hary Hoyne, Walking Club MemberGary Hoyne

When did you start walking?
I teach at East Aurora High School, and it's almost exactly 1/4 mile from one end to the other – so I've always walked as part of my job. When I received my pedometer, however, I found that I averaged around 7,000 steps per day, so I tried to increase that to 10,000 per day. I wound up averaging about 9,000 per day.

How did you track or log your steps?
I started off using the pedometer supplied by Rush to measure my steps, and I tracked them using Notes on my iPhone. I switched over to the Health app on my iPhone, as it allows me to see graphs and averages of my data (important if you're a Math and Computer Science teacher!)

What type of success have you had since starting a walking program?
At the beginning of last summer, I decided that I was too heavy (my BMI was a little over 30), so I went on the only diet that has ever worked for me. I named my diet the "JELD" diet: Just Eat Less, Dammit. I lost 39 pounds in 43 weeks, and now have a BMI of 24.

What is your advice for people thinking of starting a walking program?
For me, writing down my data was key; it kept me focused on my overall progress and kept me motivated. I also had to learn to ignore day-to-day variations, and look at the bigger picture. But it didn't require any special equipment, special foods, or athletic abilities – just some "won't" power.

Alisa mcIntosh, Walking Club MemberAlisa McIntosh

When did you start walking?
I started walking around April of last year.

How did you track or log your walking?
I actually bought a Jawbone Up (like a Fitbit, but a little easier and cheaper) to track my steps.

What type of success have you had since starting a walking program?
I started slow trying to get as close to 10,000 steps. I then was able to build to 12,000 steps per day.  I have recently started running along with walking each day. I go about three miles, three times per week for running.  I am building my running in a program Run for Fitness app.  I lost 20 pounds by just moving and watching my carbs/protein intake.

What is your advice for people thinking of starting a walking program?
Get a tracker and build up. Don't try to do a lot all at once because you can talk yourself out of it because it seems overwhelming. Small goals are best. The more I moved, the more energy I have.

How to Get Started

If you or your organization is interested in joining or learning more about the Rush Copley Walking Club, please contact Zaida Rodriguez at 630-978-4989 or if you are in the Aurora/Kane County area. Groups located in Montgomery, Oswego, Yorkville or Kendall County, please contact Susan Hines at 630-898-5982 or