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Support Services

Advanced Illness Support Clinic

Rush Copley, in collaboration with the independent licensed practitioners of Seasons Medical Group, is pleased to offer patients an Advanced Illness Support Clinic. The clinic supports patients and families who are managing the issues associated with life-threatening or terminal illness through compassionate care and an emphasis on improving quality of life. The clinic offers supportive care through all phases of illness and focuses on comfort; maintaining or improving daily function by reducing and controlling symptoms; as well as counseling and support services to assist with difficult medical decisions. The Advanced Illness Support Clinic provides a coordinated team approach to work in partnership with physicians throughout the course of a patient’s treatment.

The clinic offers patients:

  • Improved pain and reduced discomfort
  • Psychosocial and spiritual support
  • Assistance with community services
  • Resources and information regarding advance directives
  • Referrals for additional care including end-of-life decision making when appropriate.

To arrange for a consult, please call 630-692-5962.

Cancer Support Groups and Services

Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center provides support groups and services, free of charge, for anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis. Waterford Place staff and volunteers aim to provide comforting, understanding and fortifying resources for those in any stage of treatment or survivorship—along with their loved ones.

Essential Tremor Support Group

The Essential Tremor Support Group is a place where people talk openly about the challenges of living with ET and exchange ideas in a comfortable and safe environment. In addition to information about ET and helpful resources, you will find support and fellowship among others who are just like you.

Rush Copley Heart Institute, 2088 Ogden Avenue, Aurora
Conference Room
4th Monday of each month, 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Call 630-499-6619 for more information.

Heart Sisters/Fox Valley Chapter

Connecting sisters, mothers, daughters, friends-Women…one beat at a time…

You’ve had all the procedures and medications necessary to begin healing physically after your heart incident, but how do you recover emotionally? It is normal to have conflicting emotions and feelings of anger, fear, depression and anxiety. Anger that this has happened to you or at the way friends and family are reacting. Fear of dying or that life will never be the same. Depression and anxiety because you feel a loss of control over your own life or worry about how your family is coping.

Heart Sisters offer support, comfort and hope and even find the humor in dealing with heart disease. No charges or insurance claims to file. Just a relaxed atmosphere to exchange thoughts, feelings and information as only women can. We welcome any women who feel the need to share heart-related concerns.

Join us on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. For location and agenda, please call Jody at 630-499-7078.

Parkinson's Disease Support Group

The Parkinson’s Support Group provides you, your family and your caregiver information about living with Parkinson’s disease. You’ll learn about resources and programs that can help enhance your quality of life. You’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences with others and be part of a comforting community of people who understand what you are going through. For more information, please call 630-499-6619.

Rush Copley Heart Institute, 2088 Ogden Avenue, Aurora
2nd Conference Room
First Wednesday of every month, 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Rush Copley Healthcare Center, 1100 W. Veterans Parkway
Yorkville Community Room
Second Wednesday of every month, 1:30 to 3 p.m

Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group

Coping with a perinatal loss is difficult. Gain support by joining other families who are experiencing a similar loss through miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn period. This Pregnancy and Loss Support Group offers a brief and informative presentation each session on a topic of interest followed by an open forum to ask questions and share experiences, photos and memories. Please call 630-978-6290 for more information.

A nursing specialist with Women’s Health facilitates this group.

West Suburban Brain Tumor Support Group

The West Suburban Brain Tumor Resource and Support Group provides you, your family and your friends with information about brain tumors and tr-eatments, available resources, and the opportunity to meet other people in circumstances like your own. A nursing specialist in neuroscience services and a hospital chaplain facilitate this group. After a short presentation, there are opportunities to ask questions, share experiences and address any issues or concerns. More Information

Available at two locations:
Living Well Cancer Resource Center
1803 W. State Street (Route 38)
Geneva, Illinois 60134

Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center
1310 Waterford Drive
Aurora, IL 60504

West Suburban Stroke Support Group

The West Suburban Stroke Support Group provides you, your family and your caregivers information about stroke, offers the opportunity to share your experience with others, and gives you access to valuable resources. Each meeting includes an educational session followed by a group activity. This group meets every other Thursday 4 to 5 p.m. in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Gym on the 2nd floor of Rush Copley. Learn More

Support Services