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Rush Copley Opens Alternative Birthing Suite, Renovates Family Birth Center!

  • Labor & Delivery Headwall
  • Labor & Delivery Baby Wall
  • Triage Head Wall
  • Triage Foot Wall

Rush Copley’s Family Birth Center has just completed a major renovation to help the community welcome their babies into the world. Rush Copley’s Family Birth Center labor, delivery and recovery rooms have been refreshed with new finishes from the bathrooms and floors to comfortable, convertible sofa beds for those supporting their loved ones.

One of the highlights of the project is the area’s first and only alternative birthing suite. This suite features a large heated bathtub, a queen size bed and special laboring items and equipment for those desiring and able to pursue a birth with minimal medical intervention.

Other features of the suite include:

  • Birthing Sling – Helps to utilize gravity to support a woman in labor. Different positions help with coping through contractions and rotation of the infant’s head to the most optimal position for delivery.
  • Tub Birth or Hydrotherapy – Water eases the discomfort of the birthing process.
  • Birthing Seat – Designed to support women laboring while sitting in an upright position. Sitting upright in this specialized seat supports the cervical opening, rotation and descent of the baby.
  • Aroma therapy
  • Specialty lighting and candles
  • Birthing and peanut balls
  • High-definition TV, warmer for heating packs and more

Rush Copley Medical Group midwives, in collaboration with obstetrician-gynecologists, provide gynecology, prenatal, labor and delivery as well as postnatal care. The midwives are dedicated to enhancing labor options for their patients while they enjoy the home-like atmosphere of the suite, with the safety and proximity of hospital resources if needed.