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Inside the NICU

1. Ventilator: a machine that breathes for your baby

5. Scale:   measures you baby’s weight.

2. IV Pump:  a pump that infuses fluids into your baby for hydration or medication.

6. Cardiorespiratory (CR) monitor:   a heart monitor that evaluates heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation (amount of oxygen in the blood) and blood pressure. An alarm sounds when your baby’s heart rate or breathing becomes too high or too low.

3. Intensive Care Bed with Overhead Radiant Warmer:   an intensive care bed with a warming unit overhead. This bed allows staff to observe and provide care for your baby and keep him/her warm.

7. Nasal CPAP:   a machine that provides a flow of air and oxygen through tiny prongs into your baby’s nostrils, making it easier for your baby to breathe.

4. Phototherapy Spotlight:   a therapeutic light that treats jaundice (yellow skin color).

8. Isolette/Incubator:   a warmed bed for your baby to grow and sleep. The bed can provide humidity, temperature regulation and a peaceful environment.