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Comprehensive Stroke Care

Rush Copley excels in the treatment and diagnosis of stroke.

From stroke prevention education to rehabilitation services, Rush Copley provides the area's only complete stroke and stroke recovery care. The hospital’s expert stroke care team includes a neurosurgeon, neurologists, intensive care physicians, and physical, occupational, speech and rehabilitation therapists—all highly trained in every aspect of stroke care.

Stroke is serious.

Nearly 700,000 people a year suffer a stroke, the nation’s third leading cause of death. It’s also the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States, with nearly 5 million stroke survivors alive today. So it’s important to not only know the signs of a stroke, but to also get the best care available as soon as possible.

Top-Notch Stroke Care

How do we compare to other stoke care service providers? Our stroke care program follows national standards and guidelines that can significantly improve outcomes for stroke patients. Rush Copley Medical Center's Stroke Program is at or above the national average for all eight stroke care quality indicators putting us in the top 10% of stoke care providers nationwide.

Stroke Care Certification and Accreditation

Joint Commission National Qualilty Approval Gold SealRush Copley Medical Center’s Stroke Program is the first in Kane County and the Fox Valley region to be certified by The Joint Commission for Primary Stroke Centers and earn its Gold Seal of ApprovalTM. By meeting the strictest standards, Rush Copley provides the highest level of care for stroke patients.

Rehabilitation and PRC Therapy have also achieved the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Stroke Specialty Accreditation. CARF accreditation proves our commitment to continually enhancing the quality of our programs and services. It's one more way Rush Copley meets nationally recognized standards of quality.

Stroke Gold Plus Achievement Award

Rush Copley has received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award.  The award recognizes our commitment and success in implementing a higher standard of stroke care by ensuring that stroke patients receive treatment according to nationally accepted standards and recommendations. Learn More

Stroke Signs and Symptoms

BE FAST Saves Lives. Time lost is brain lost. Understand the signs and symptoms of stroke then act fast to reduce the risk of permanent damage from stroke.

  • BALANCE—Watch for sudden loss of balance.
  • EYES—Check for vision loss.
  • FACE—Does one side of the face droop? Ask the person to smile. 
  • ARMS—Is one arm weak or numb? Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward? 
  • SPEECH—Is speech slurred? Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. Is the sentence repeated correctly? 
  • TIME—If the person shows any of these symptoms, CALL 911, or go to the hospital immediately.

Emergency Treatment for Stroke

When seconds count, you can count on Rush Copley Emergency Services. A stroke is a serious medical emergency that requires immediate attention at a hospital to reduce the likelihood of permanent damage or patient death.

Rush Copley Emergency Services is a designated Level II Trauma Center offering responsive, quality care for patients experiencing stroke.

Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation

After a stroke, experts at Rush Copley's Physical Rehabilitation Center help patients recover as much function as possible, prevent future stokes and improve quality of life through physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Our comprehensive services include both inpatient rehabilitation to convenient outpatient services. Through this continuum of care we focus on restoring skills and helping patients return to their normal routines.

West Suburban Stroke Support Group

The West Suburban Stroke Support Group provides you, your family and your caregivers information about stroke, offers the opportunity to share your experience with others, and gives you access to valuable resources. Each meeting includes an educational session followed by a group activity. Schedule and contact information -->