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Fox Valley's Premier Neuroscience Care

At Rush Copley you'll find the region's finest neuroscience services and specialists. We're equipped to provide you with a full continuum of neuroscience care, including a dedicated Neuroscience Unit that provides specialized care to patients undergoing complex neurosurgical procedures or those having severe neurologic injuries.  From diagnostic screenings to recovery and rehabilitative services, Rush Copley offers advanced, comprehensive care to expertly treat your neurological condition with compassion.

Quality Care for Quality of Life

We know you want to live everyday to the fullest.  Your goal is our goal too.  At Rush Copley our primary focus is to improve patient quality of life by providing effective neurological treatment and support services. That's why we use a patient-centered approach to care. Our emphasis on individualized treatment plans and meeting the unique needs of each patient translates into better outcomes for our patients.

Neuroscience Care Specialties

The Neuroscience team employs the most advanced technology including precision image-guided neuronavigation systems and the intraoperative O-arm™ scanner.

In addition, Rush Copley expert neurosurgeons heavily employ cutting edge minimally invasive neurosurgery for treatment of brain and spine disorders including minimally invasive keyhole craniotomy, minimally invasive spinal decompression, fusion, or artificial disc replacements.

Stroke Care

From stroke prevention education to rehabilitation services, Rush Copley provides the area's only comprehensive stroke and stroke recovery care.  Rush Copley Medical Center’s Stroke Program is the first in Kane County and the Fox Valley region to be certified by The Joint Commission for Primary Stroke Centers.

Movement Disorders (including Parkinson's Disease)

The Rush Copley Movement Disorders Program provides management of Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, spasmodic torticollis, pediatric and adult spasticity and cerebral palsy and support services to help patients maximize their movement, coordination, and quality of life.

Brain & Nerves

Our team employs the most advanced technology to treat conditions of the brain and nerves, including precision image-guided neuronavigation systems, and the intraoperative O-arm™ scanner.

Back Pain

Rush Copley offers patients a full continuum of care for the comprehensive and effective treatment of back problems including minimally invasive spinal decompression, fusion, or artificial disc replacements.

Our team of experts approach each patient's case individually and focus on meeting patient's specific needs through holistic treatment options that improve quality of life.

Physical Rehabilitation

If you or a loved one has experienced a stroke, a neuromuscular disease like multiple sclerosis, or a brain or spinal cord injury you'll find expert care at the Rush Copley Physical Rehabilitation Center.

Our Physical Rehabilitation Center brings together the most advanced technologies, current knowledge, and customized treatment from a highly-skilled interdisciplinary rehabilitation team of experienced professionals to improve the quality of life for our patients.