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Providing Excellence in Joint Replacement

Watch to learn about our Center for Joint Reconstruction and Replacement.

Advanced Orthopedics in the Fox Valley

Rush Copley connects you with a skilled care team that provides excellence in joint replacement care from pre-admission through surgery and rehabilitation.  In fact, our expertly trained surgeons are so skilled in joint replacement that many patients even go home the same day. And our rehabilitation staff will get you back to the life you enjoy in now time.  Additionally, we have access to Rush University Medical Center, providing academic care close to home. All of this means getting you on your feet in less time with less pain.

What is Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement or reconstruction, also called arthroplasty, are surgical procedures to rebuild or replace a joint that has naturally worn, been injured or has become weak over time. The joint is replaced or rebuilt with a metal, plastic or ceramic device designed to provide the movement of a healthy, normal joint.

Knee replacements and hip replacements are the most common types of joint replacements however joint replacements can also be performed on the shoulder, elbow and wrist

Joint Surgery Candidate

Are You a Candidate?

Often times, an injury or arthritis can cause the bone and cartilage in a joint to wear down causing joint pain or joint stiffness.  It is time to consider treatment when the day to day activities become too difficult due to this pain or stiffness.  Joint replacement can help you regain lost mobility and get you back into action.

You may benefit from joint replacement or joint reconstruction surgery if:

•    you have difficulty getting around/limited mobility.
•    you have constant joint pain, aching or joint stiffness.
•    you avoid activities that require you to stand or walk for a period of time.
•    have difficulty walking or walking is painful.
•    non-surgical treatments have not been successful.

Request An Appointment

Request an appointment today with a Joint Replacement Specialist. Several convenient office locations are available in Aurora and Yorkville.

Dessert plate with a stethoscope

Dessert with the Docs

September 10, 2019 ● 6 to 8 p.m.
Rush Copley Heart Institute, Aurora

Rush Copley’s Center for Joint Reconstruction and Replacement is hosting Desert with the Docs, an educational program about joint disorders and treatment options. Orthopaedic surgeons from Rush Copley and other members of the orthopaedic team will discuss options to help you make an informed decision as you consider surgery. Representatives from joint manufacturers, physical therapy, and rehabilitation providers will also be available.

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