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Heart Care Surgery

The Rush Copley Surgery Center performs many types of heart surgery including coronary bypass surgery, aortic stent grafting and heart valve repair and replacement surgery.

Coronary Bypass Surgery -- Because of the potential savings in cost, complications and trauma to the patient, cardiac surgeons at Rush Copley are increasingly providing less invasive approaches to heart operations, including open heart surgery, whenever possible.  Off-pump or "beating heart" procedures avoid using a heart-lung machine and are done through standard or small incisions.  Patients with neurologic, liver, kidney or lung concerns benefit the most from off-pump surgery.

Aortic Stent Grafting -- Aortic stent grafting repairs aortic aneurysms by implanting a device into the damaged aorta, the largest vessel transporting blood from the heart, allowing blood to travel smoothly to the rest of the body.  This is less invasive than traditional abdominal surgery and offers the patient a shorter recovery time.

Valve Repair and Replacement Surgery -- As part of the Ross procedure, the patient's own pulmonary valve and cylinder are removed and used to replace the defective aortic valve.  A human cryo-preserved valve is then used to replace the patient's pulmonary valve.  This double-valve replacement allows the patient to benefit from having his or her native valve in the high-stress aortic position and the cryo-preserved valve in the low-stress pulmonary position.