Hand and Upper Extremity Center

Rush Copley's Hand and Upper Extremity Center offers comprehensive services from consultation through rehabilitation for conditions affecting the hand and wrist, elbow and shoulder. Board certified, specialty trained physicians along with our experienced care team coordinate every step of your treatment and provide a personalized care plan to help you restore range of motion, reduce pain and increase strength.

The center provides diagnostic testing, non-surgical treatment options, surgery correction at Castle’s Orthopaedics's dedicated orthopaedic outpatient ambulatory surgery facility, nursing care, integrated physical and occupational therapy, and a seamless return to work/sports conditioning program.

Partnering with the dedicated care team at the Hand and Upper Extremity Center provides the high level of quality, expert care and support needed to help you get your moves back.

Hand and Wrist

The hand and wrist is comprised of several bones and tendons. Hand and wrist pain may be caused by sudden injury or repetitive motion. Common Hand and Wrist Conditions and Treatments-->


The elbow is a hinge joint between the forearm and upper arm. Injuries to the elbow may include sprains, fractures, and/or inflammation. Common Elbow Conditions and Treatments-->


The shoulder is one of the largest joints in the body, comprised of bones, tendons and muscles. Shoulder pain can lead to decreased mobility and stability. Common Shoulder Conditions and Treatments-->

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Request an online appointment or call 630-692-5576 to see an orthopaedic specialist with the Hand and Upper Extremity Center.

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Program Services

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy is an essential part of recovery for many patients who have had upper extremity injuries or surgeries. Our team of expert therapists help guide you through your rehabilitation.

Therapy Services and Team-->

Return to Activity Program

Rush Copley’s Return to Activity Programs are advanced training programs available to patients following the completion of their treatment and therapy.

Package Information and Meet the Trainers-->

Workers' Compensation and Injury Care

Workers’ compensation and injury care services are available to help you get convenient access to high-quality care in an appropriate setting when you have been injured on the job.

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Preparing for Your Visit

Preparing for Your Appointment

Preparing ahead of time could help you make the most of your appointments. Here are some ways to help you prepare.

Castle Surgicenter

Castle Orthopaedics Surgicenter

Castle Surgicenter is a dedicated orthopaedic outpatient ambulatory surgery facility located within Castle Orthopaedics' Ogden office.

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