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What to Expect in the ER

Coming to the ER can be very scary. Emergencies are always unexpected.

At Rush Copley Emergency Services, we try to alleviate anxiety by preparing the community for how to handle common emergencies, and what to expect when receiving treatment in the ER.

Triaging Your Condition...Our First Step

Due to the nature of an emergency department, triaging or evaluating the conditions of patients as they enter is necessary. As one might expect, those patients whose medical situation is the most serious will receive attention first. However, we recognize that patients want to be seen as quickly as possible. Based on your assessment, we make every effort to see patients in the order in which they arrive in the department. Or, if possible, we arrange for you to be treated within our Express Care area.

Patient Registration is Step Two

Registration is also critical to being seen in the Emergency Department. At Rush Copley the registration process can take place in a few different ways. First, you may be registered immediately after being assessed by a nurse. Or, you may be taken directly to an exam room and your registration may take place at the bedside. And, for critical patients, registration may take place only after a family member or spokesperson arrives for us to capture information. Occasionally, patients are registered and discharged at the same time. Regardless of when registration occurs, please always let a staff member know if you or a loved one is experiencing any change in condition while waiting or in an exam room.

Step Three: Your Treatment

Depending on the seriousness of your condition, a physician may see you briefly and then order tests to determine a course of action. And, in certain cases, treatment may even begin prior to the physician’s evaluation. The physician will provide a diagnosis, treatment plan and advice for follow-up care after all test results are available. This entire process may take several hours. Please feel free to communicate with a nurse to receive updates while waiting for test results and a final visit from the physician. Following-Up

The Final Step

The very last step, and perhaps one of the most important, is the need to follow-up on your Emergency Department visit with your personal physician. Both the Emergency Department and Express Care are available to treat a patient’s most immediate health needs, and are not intended to be a substitute for or an effort to provide ongoing or complete medical care.  We strongly recommend further evaluation by your own physician who knows you and your medical history. If you do not have a personal physician, please ask a member of our team for a referral, or contact Rush Copley’s referral line at 866-4COPLEY (1-866-426-7539) or 630-978-6700.

The entire staff of Rush Copley’s Emergency Department thanks you for entrusting us with your medical care. We want to keep our Promise to patients by providing the best care possible. Occasionally, we send surveys to our patients’ homes to find out what their experience was like. Should you receive one, we kindly ask you to take a moment and share your thoughts with us. It’s just one way we’re raising the bar when it comes to your experience at Rush Copley.