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Rush Copley Emergency Center, Yorkville
Frequently Asked Questions

When illness or injury happens, it can be stressful to know where to go or what to do – especially if your doctor isn't available. The community can now take comfort in knowing that Rush Copley Emergency Center  in Yorkville offers 24/7 emergency care.

What services are available at Rush Copley Emergency Center in Yorkville?

The emergency center delivers treatment 24/7 with board-certified emergency medical physicians and specially-trained nurses ready to treat medical issues like fevers, severe aches or pains, broken bones, shortness of breath, allergic reactions, deep cuts and bruising and more.  The center features comprehensive diagnostic services including X-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound and laboratory services.  If further attention for hospital-based care is needed, an on-site ambulance is available for transport.

If I have an emergency should I drive myself or call 911?

When it's a serious situation or if you are ever in doubt, it is always best to call 911 for assistance.  In many types of emergencies, you could become unconscious and be a danger to yourself and others.  Paramedics can stabilize you and determine what type of care you need and where to go.

What happens if I need to be admitted to a hospital?

Rush Copley Emergency Center has an ambulance on-site 24/7 to transfer patients for hospital admission if required.