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Concussion Management

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that changes the way the brain works. A concussion can be caused by a bump or blow to head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. Symptoms can be immediate or may even take days or weeks to appear.

Concussion Symptoms

Signs Observed By Parents

  • Appears dazed or stunned
  • Confused about assignment or position
  • Forgets an instruction
  • Moves clumsily
  • Answers questions slowly
  • Loses consciousness (even briefly)
  • Shows personality or behavioral changes

Symptoms Reported by Athletes

  • Headaches or the feeling of pressure in the head
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Balance problems or dizziness
  • Double or blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Sensitivity to noise
  • Confusion
  • Feeling sluggish, foggy or just "not right"

Concussion Testing

At Rush Copley, Dr. Deepak Patel offers baseline testing for athletes five years and older. He uses the latest technology including ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) and Sway to provide his patients with the most comprehensive concussion care. Baseline tests provide useful information to help assist Dr. Patel in making sound return to play decisions following concussions.

Soccer Team

Schedule a Concussion Test

A baseline ImPACT or Sway test can be scheduled separately, together or in addition to a sports physical for $25 each. Baseline tests are not billable to insurance, so payment is requested at the time of service. All post-injury concussion testing will be billed to insurance. Appointments available in Aurora and Yorkville.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Patel is in demand locally by patients and around the country by other doctors to teach his expertise in sports medicine. Dr. Patel not only teaches sports medicine to family medicine residents, but is honored to receive invitations to present information about sports medicine topics (osteoarthritis, knee pain, concussions, fractures, exercise, imaging modalities, etc.) to other physicians and medical organizations.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Scientific Assembly
The AAFP's Scientific Assembly (Now FMX) is one of the largest gatherings of primary care providers in the country with 4,500 medical professionals in attendance on average. The AAFP selects presenters who have exceptional expertise in the field and Dr. Patel has presented at this conference every year since 2010. Additionally, Dr. Patel was selected as Chair for musculoskeletal and sports medicine content for 2020 and 2021.

Topics: Commonly Missed Orthopedic X-rays problem based learning (PBL), Fracture Management: Breaks for the FP to Fix, Tendinopathy: Tackling Troubled Tendons, Bursitis and Tendonitis Problem Based Learning, Tendonitis: More Than Fluid and Inflammation, Bursitis and Tendonitis Problem Based Learning, The Headaches & Confusions of Concussions, Concussions and Return to Play, The Headaches & Confusions of Concussions - Concussions and Minimal Brain Injury, Concussions and Brain Injury Problem Based Learning, Exercise Prescriptions: Move Your Patients to Health, Musculoskeletal Exam Techniques: Diagnoses You Can Put a Fingers On, Musculoskeletal Exam Techniques PBL, The Pain of Aging, OA - Degenerative Joint Disease, MSK
Imaging, What to Order, When - Imaging Modalities for the Musculoskeletal System, Degenerative Joint Disease and
Imaging Modalities for Musculoskeletal System and Concussions and Minimal Brain Injury, MSK Imaging, What to Order, When, The Pain of Aging: Osteoarthritis, and Chondromalacia/Patellofemoral Syndrome: Runner's Knee, More Than Just for Runners, Degenerative Joint Disease - The Pain of Aging, Osteoarthritis and Imaging Modalities for Musculoskeletal

AAFP Neurology and Behavioral Health for the Family Physician
Annually since 2018
Topics: Concussions, Peripheral Nerve Entrapments, Injections For Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Workshop.

AAFP Emergency and Urgent Care
2-3 Conferences per year since 2018.
Topics: Acute Foot Injuries, Commonly Missed Orthopedic X-rays, STOP Sports Injuries Prevention and Treatment, Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop (Basic & FAST exam), Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop (Vascular Access).

AAFP Musculoskeletal and Sports Care Conference 2019, 2021
Dr. Patel was selected as Chair for this conference.
Topics: Concussion, Exercise Recommendations, Benefits, and Fads, MSK Imaging - A Pic Says it All, Upper Body Injury Evaluation and Management: Wrist, Physical Examination of the Upper Extremities- Clinical Procedure Workshop,
Physical Examination of the Lower Extremities - Clinical Procedure Workshop and Sports Medicine Problem Based
Learning session Daily.

Primary Care Update and Office Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
2-3 Conference per year since 2013. 4-6 Lectures per conference.
Topics: Sports Medicine Q&A, Sports Medicine Physical Exam Tips and Tricks, Exercise Rx, What and for Whom,
Tendonitis: The Challenges and Controversies, Knee Pain Evaluation and Management, Shoulder Pain Evaluation
and Management, Concussion Update Hip Pain Pointers, Shoulder Examination Workshop, Knee Examination Workshop, The Pain of Aging - Osteoarthritis, Pediatric Sports Medicine Cases, Concussions Update.

The Update CME, Internal Medicine and Primary Care
2-3 conferences per year since 2016. 3 lectures per conference.
Topics: Tendonitis - The Challenges & Controversies, Peripheral Nerve Entrapments, Shoulder Pain Evaluation and
Management, Knee Pain Evaluation and Management, MSK Imaging, Exercise Prescriptions, Concussion, Hand and
Injuries, Ankle Sprains with a Twist, Patellofemoral Syndrome, Common Fractures in Primary Care, Hip Pain Pointers.

Illinois Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) and American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM)
IAFP/AMSSM webinar 2019
Topic: Updates to the 5th edition of the pre-participation physicals

Family Medicine and Sports Medicine: A Comprehensive Approach to Clinical Problems, American Medical
Topics: Pearls of the Evaluation and Management of Hip Pain, Exercise Prescriptions and Recommendations, Knee

Continuing Education Company
Topics: Musculoskeletal Exam Techniques: Diagnoses You Can Put a Fingers On, Exercise Prescriptions: Move Your
Patients to Health.

Annual Spring Conference on Pediatric Emergencies
Topics: Diagnostic Dilemmas in Sports Medicine, Knee & Shoulder Pain: Hands on Workshop, The Headaches &
Confusions of Concussions: Diagnosis & Management, Pediatric Fractures: Hindsight is Always Better.

The American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting and World Congress on Exercise is Medicine
Panelist and Discussant
Topics: Stress Fractures Diagnosis and Treatment.

University of Michigan, Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Physician CME Course
Dr. Patel presents as guest faculty at the University of Michigan’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) course on
Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Physician. This is an annual course for physicians.
Topics: Cases in Adolescent Sports Injuries and Updates on the Treatment of Osteoarthritis.

Illinois Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) Annual Meeting
Topics: Sports Medicine Knee and Shoulder Workshop.

North Dakota Academy of Family Physicians Annual Family Medicine Update Conference
Topics: MSK Imaging, What to Order When, Chondromalacia/Patellofemora Syndrome, Runner’s Knee, More than Just for Runners, and Exercise Rx, What and for Whom?

Current Trends in Sports Medicine Symposium
Topics: General Medical Conditions in Athletics

56th Annual Greenville Postgraduate Seminar, A Primary Care Update
Topics: Osteoarthritis: Alternatives to Medication or Surgery

Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association Winter Meeting
Topics: Runners Knee

Family Medicine Boards Review Course (2009-2013)
Dr. Patel has been asked by a national board review company to revise and present the Sports Medicine section for their family medicine board review course throughout the country. He presents to other doctors who are preparing to take their family medicine certification or re-certification boards.


Dr. Patel stays current on the latest research and advancements in Sports Medicine and Family Medicine. He has authored and served as an editor for many articles and textbooks. A few are listed below.

Author, Editor, “Concussion Management for Primary Care, Evidence Based Answers to Cases and Questions” Springer Publishing. 2020

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Subsection Editor, “5 Minute Sports Medicine Consult,” 3nd Ed., LWW Publishing. (2nd edition 2011, 3rd edition 2019)Among more than 300 leading sports medicine experts from around the country who applied to be authors or editors, Dr. Patel was selected as an editor.

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Physicians. AFP is the best-read journal in primary care, and has one of the largest circulations of any clinical medical journal (more than 190,000).

Degenerative Joint Disease: The Pain of Aging: Osteoarthritis, First Report (Clinical Geriatrics). 2010 Section Editor; "Back Pain" Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine, Elsevier Publishing. 2010.

Co-author of two chapters, "Sports Medicine" and "Orthopedics" Family Practice Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, 4th Ed. 2010.

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