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Your Cancer Care Specialists

Throughout your or your loved one’s cancer treatment, you may partner with a variety of oncology (cancer) specialists, all of whom are focused on getting you well. The following guide can help you understand how each person is specially trained to help you throughout the various diagnosis, treatment and survivorship stages of cancer care.

Mira Vujovic

Mira Vujivic, Breast Health Navigator, Cancer Genetic Counselor

Mariana MartinezMariana Martinez, Community Outreach Coordinator

Tammy ThomasTammy Thomas, Financial Coordinator

Aditi PatelAditi Patel, Financial Coordinator

Jeni AquinaJeni Aguina, Oncology and Survivorship Nurse Navigator

Julie CarrollJulie Carroll, Oncology and Survivorship Nurse Navigator

Laura RollinsLaura Rollins, Social Worker

Michelle Cordes

Michelle Cordes, Registered Dietitian

Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker, Research Coordinator

Cancer Specialists at Rush Copley Medical Center

Your cancer care team may include the following cancer experts.

Breast Health Navigator – Professional who coordinates breast health diagnosis and care, provides you with educational information, directs you to available resources and services, and informs your physician about all aspects of your care

Cancer Genetic Counselor – Health professional who helps you understand your risk for genetic cancers, can help you decide whether to test your risk for certain diseases and assists in determining next steps based on your test results

Chaplain – Clergy member who attends to your and your family’s spiritual needs—no matter your denomination, faith system or beliefs—throughout your care

Community Health Outreach Coordinator – Professional who’s a resource to you and your community members about available cancer support services, resources and programs

Dosimetrist – Specialist who determines the correct radiation dose and coverage for your radiation therapy cancer treatment

Financial coordinator – Professional who assists you with billing and insurance questions related to your care as well as provides counseling for financial assistance requests

Gynecologic oncologist – Doctor who specializes in cancer of the female reproductive organs

Hematologist – Doctor who specializes in diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues

Medical oncologist – Doctor who treats cancer with chemotherapy and other medications

Oncology and survivorship nurse navigator – Cancer nurse who helps you throughout your cancer care—from diagnosis through survivorship

Oncology clinical nurse specialist (CNS) – Registered nurse with advanced training in cancer care who may provide direct care to you, supervise cancer care staff or perform research

Oncology nurse – Registered nurse who specializes in treating patients with cancer and who may administer your chemotherapy or other medications

Oncology pharmacist – Pharmacist who specializes in cancer medications

Oncology social worker – Professional who provides for your and your loved one’s emotional and social needs during your cancer care, which could include counseling, support group recommendations and coordinating childcare

Pathologist – Doctor who diagnoses and classifies diseases—such as cancer—via lab tests

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon – Doctor who specializes in altering or restoring the body’s appearance

Radiation oncologist – Doctor who treats cancer with radiation therapy

Radiation physicist – Expert who monitors and maintains the radiation equipment used in radiation therapy

Radiation therapist – Specialist who administers radiation therapy

Radiation therapy nurse – Nurse who specializes in radiation therapy, including patient education and treatment of side effects

Radiologist – Doctor who diagnoses diseases—such as cancer—by interpreting imaging results, such as X-rays and CT/CAT scans

Registered dietitian – Expert in food and nutrition who can assist you during cancer treatment with eating habits and nutritional support

Rehabilitation specialist – Professional who specializes in physical, occupational, speech or lymphedema therapies and helps you return to function as quickly as possible during or after treatment

Research coordinator – Professional who screens you for eligibility in certain clinical trials and coordinates your care if you enroll in one

Surgeon – Doctor who specializes in performing operations, such as cancer surgery for tumor removal

Waterford Place

Cancer Support at Waterford Place

Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center, located adjacent to Rush Copley’s Aurora campus at 1310 Waterford Drive, provides services and support to anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Waterford Place is a warm, welcoming environment where participants can connect with support services including mind-body classes, expressive therapies and informational programs along with a salon featuring an American Cancer Society® wig boutique. Programming focuses on the practical, from what to expect from treatment to how to balance practical concerns such as finances, working, health insurance as well as the emotional side of the disease. Regular lectures from clinical specialists and other health professionals help keep you informed on the latest research and treatment options, and on topics such as how to help caregivers and maintain relationships.