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Breast Health Prevention & Early Detection

Being proactive about your health is always a good idea and breast health is no exception. With our diagnostic tools, including digital mammography services, you can be sure you'll receive the best care.

Rush Copley offers a variety of diagnostic services, community education programs and online resources. To make you feel comfortable, we’ve created a spa-like atmosphere complete with terry cloth robes, herbal tea and more. Services include:

Digital Mammography Services

A routine mammography is one of the best ways to detect potential problems. Rush Copley is equipped to provide fast, reliable screening:

  • Screening mammograms are performed when no evidence of a lump or another symptom is present
  • Same-day appointments
  • Results within 1 hour with our same-day digital mammography services

Tips for a Good Mammogram

  • Plan your mammogram for a time of the month when your breasts will be least tender.  Try to avoid the week before your period.
  • Don't wear talcum powder or deodorant on the day of your mammogram because these substances might show up as shadows on the x-rays, requiring repeat images.
  • If you've had mammograms done at another center, be sure to bring your previous mammogram films with you so they can be compared to the new ones.  If this is not done, an immediate report might not be possible.
  • Continue to have your mammograms done at the same center if possible so that your films can be compared from year to year.

Additional Services

In addition to mammography screening, we offer several different preventive services:

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Genetic risk assessments

Schedule Your Mammogram Today!

No physician referral is necessary. Appointments are available at two convenient locations: