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What Patients are Saying

Vanessa, YorkvilleVanessa, Yorkville

I chose midwifery for the focus on natural child birth. I loved the fact that they supported an all natural non-medicated approach. I was supported through my whole pregnancy with tips on exercise, diet and natural labor induction. My team of midwives worked with me to create a birth plan to ensure all my wishes were respected. The midwife who delivered my baby was in the room almost the entire 10 hours aside from a few breaks. She felt more like a friend and did everything to make sure my husband and I were comfortable. I attribute my successful labor to her amazing coaching throughout my labor. I would highly recommend the Rush Copley Midwifery team to anyone! Their professionalism and experience are second to none.

Ryan and Pamela, Oswego

Ryan & Pamela, Oswego

During prenatal appointments, the midwife always took her time with us. We were able to ask questions or express concerns knowing they would be addressed fully. Even walking into the department, the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Having your midwife there during labor and delivery is an amazing experience. We felt supported and at ease. Our birthing plan wishes were respected deeply and fulfilled. We’ve had three children under the midwives' care at Rush Copley, and without a doubt, would choose them again in bringing a new life into the world.

Katherine, PlanoKatherine, Plano

The midwives helped me achieve my ideal birth by allowing me to take an active role in the whole process. In the beginning, I thought I wanted a more natural birth but as time got closer I was considering alternatives. They didn’t judge or discourage me from interventions; instead they empowered me, and explained all of my options. I felt heard and supported. They even made my husband feel included by answering his questions, educating him about prenatal care and having him take an active role during the delivery. I will now be using the midwives for all my woman healthcare needs.

National Midwifery Week

The midwives celebrated National Midwifery Week, September 29 through October 5, by presenting homemade baby quilts to their patients that delivered during that week.

Ashley and Logan


Amanda and Josiah

Julie and Brad with baby Zoey