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Prescription Refills


Medications are ordered for a specific reason and time period based on your medical condition under you physician’s plan of care.  Proper follow-up office visits and often lab tests are needed to make sure your medications are right for you.   Most chronic medical conditions require office visits at least every 6 months.   We recommend receiving refills for your medications at your regular office visits.  When this is not possible, refill requests will be reviewed with the following considerations:

  1. Do not wait until you are out of medication to request a refill. 
  2. Refill request should be made directly to the pharmacy.   Your pharmacy should contact our office electronically for refill authorization. This helps to verify the correct dose and frequency.
  3. Routine medications refills will be processed generally within 2 business days.
  4. Written medication refills (such as controlled substances) will be processed within 2 business days.  These prescriptions often must be picked up at the office.
  5. Refills are usually processed during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.  A medication refill request after regular business hours cannot be filled using our on-call emergency system.  Please plan ahead.
  6. Refills may be denied if proper medical follow up is not performed (office visits, labs, etc.).

Please consider contacting your pharmacy to verify that the prescription is ready for pick up.

Prior Authorization- Many insurance companies require prior authorizations for certain medication. This is individualized and dependent upon your insurance benefits. Our office will take every step to process these requests as quickly as possible; however, these requests may take up to 7 days or longer depending upon your insurance company’s prior authorization policy and approval.


New Pain Medication Refill Rules

The Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA, has changed how health care providers can prescribe medications containing the pain management drug, HYDROCODONE. This medication is found in products such as NORCO®, VICODIN®, LORCET®, and LORTAB®.

New Rule:

Beginning October 6, 2014, HYDROCODONE containing prescriptions can only be prescribed on a written/printed prescription given to you by your health care provider. The prescription can only be written for a 30 days (1 month’s) supply, and NO REFILLS will be allowed. In addition, the prescription will expire 90 days after the date it is written. If you do not have it filled within the 90 day period, you will need to request a new prescription.


How will this affect you?

1. If you currently have a prescription for a HYDROCODONE containing product, any ADDITIONAL refills will be INACTIVATED by your pharmacist and you will need to request a new prescription from your doctor.

2. Prescriptions cannot be faxed or called in to the pharmacy. They MUST be written/printed with your prescriber’s signature and presented to the pharmacy in person by you, the patient.


3. The pharmacist will ask you for your identification card (often a driver’s license) and you will need to sign when you pick up the prescription.


For more information visit the US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration website.

Please contact our office or your pharmacist if you have any questions.

Prescription Refills