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Advanced Directives

Advance Directives

You have many rights, both as an individual and as a patient. We, the staff of Rush Copley Medical Center, promise to respect your rights during your stay with us and to provide you with comprehensive care according to both your medical needs and personal wishes.

Your rights include the right to be informed and to make decisions about your own healthcare, the right to accept or refuse medical treatment, and the right to formulate advance directives.

Advance directives are written documents that allow you to communicate your wishes about future treatment or appoint a medical decision maker to speak for you, in the event you would not be able to do so at that time.

The State of Illinois recognizes four types of advance directive documents:

Above all, it is very important for you to share your healthcare goals and wishes with your physician and loved ones.

Although we encourage you to consider putting these wishes into writing using one or more advance directive documents, you are not required to do so and we will not discriminate against you because of this. You may consider consulting an attorney, although you are also not required to do so.

If you complete any advance directives during your stay with us, please notify your nurse, so that a copy may be placed in your Medical Record. Once it is given to us, we will strive to ensure that your directive is followed to the extent permissible under the laws of the State of Illinois.

If you have questions or would like further assistance, please contact our Spiritual Care Staff at 630-978-4827.