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Computerized Tomography

Computerized tomography (CT) combines a series of X-ray views taken from multiple different angles to produce cross sectional images of the body. The Multislice CT scanner allows faster capture of images than traditional scanners, so that motion artifact is minimized.  This results in clearer, more accurate images.  Children and elderly patients who often need to be sedated in standard scanners can often complete their studies at MCAI without the need for costly and potentially complicated anesthesia.

Specialties include:

  • Heart Score (CT heart scan, Calcium scoring)
  • Lung Screen
  • Orthopedic imaging with 3D reconstruction
  • Detailed body imaging
  • Neuro CT Angiography (CTA)-head and neck blood vessel imaging for aneurysm or stroke

CT is offered at the Naperville location, with same day appointments usually available.

Special note on risk of ionizing radiation:  CT scanners use ionizing radiation that may slightly increase your lifetime risk for developing cancer, but this small risk is greatly outweighed by the usefulness of the information obtained by CT scans.  No matter how small the risk, any exposure to radiation without a definite medical purpose just isn't appropriate.