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Exercising as a Senior

Deepak S. Patel, M.D.
Family and Sports Medicine, Rush Copley Medical Group

Growing older doesn’t mean you should grow out of shape. Exercise is important for older adults to stay healthy.

Regular physical activity not only helps manage weight, it can also increase endurance, strengthen muscles to help prevent osteoporosis, help reduce high blood pressure, increase balance to help prevent falls, strengthen the cardiovascular system for a strong heart and much more.

It is important for older adults to keep their strength as they age and exercise can help. Along with a healthy diet, regular exercise can help prevent or delay many diseases, keeping you healthy for the years ahead.

Many older adults do not exercise due to fear that it may be too strenuous, but you can exercise safely. Walking, swimming and other low-impact activities can build confidence and increase flexibility to help you take on more active forms of exercise.

Before you begin a new fitness program, consult your physician to assess what types of activity are best for you.