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Hand Therapy

Many therapy services for the upper extremity (especially the hand) are provided not by physical therapists but rather by specialists called occupational therapists. Our certified hand therapy specialist is an occupational therapist who has limited the scope of his work exclusively to the care of patients with various disorders of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow and who has successfully passed a comprehensive test of advanced clinical skills and therapy in upper extremity rehabilitation.

The hand is such a specialized part of the body that even seemingly relatively minor impairments can have a substantial negative impact on an individual’s ability to perform the routine activities of daily living, from self-care to work to leisure activities and sports. Our certified hand therapist begins an evaluation not just with an evaluation of the patient’s injury or impairment but also with an assessment of the patient’s needs (a violinist and a truck driver, for instance, may have entirely different functional needs). His approach, then, is a holistic one creating a therapy program for each patient designed to optimize that individual’s recovery.

The mission of our hand therapy program is to provide accurate assessment, effective state-of-the-art treatment and excellent outcomes so that our patients can return successfully to the performance of their daily activities as soon as possible.