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Outpatient Surgery Suites and Services

Contained within the Main Office building, Castle Surgicenter, L.L.C., is our dedicated orthopaedic outpatient ambulatory surgery facility which contains seven patient rooms, a recovery room that can accommodate three patients and two state-of-the-art orthopaedic operating rooms, including live X-ray capability. A waiting room, isolated from the main waiting room, includes TV, coffee and snacks to provide a quiet, comfortable environment for waiting family members or friends

Castle Surgicenter provides many advantages compared to other facilities:

  • Quality - There are no shortcuts here. From preoperative evaluation and testing through recovery and discharge to home, the standards maintained are equivalent to those at a hospital. But at other facilities the employees, the instruments and the equipment need to be adaptable to a variety of specialties. At the surgicenter each employee is an expert in his/her facet of orthopaedic surgery and every instrument and piece of equipment is chosen because of its specific advantage in orthopaedics. Castle Surgicenter has been continuously accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care since it opened in 2002.
  • Convenience – Since Surgicenter patients are already registered patients of Castle Orthopaedics, a lengthy registration/admission process is avoided and patients already know the location and the comfortable environment of the office.
  • Efficiency – Turnover time between surgeries is approximately three times faster at the Surgicenter than at a hospital. Additionally, scheduled surgery times are not likely to be delayed or “bumped” by other emergency cases.
  • Cost – It is quite likely that the cost of your procedure will be less at Castle Surgicenter than at a hospital since the Surgicenter is dramatically more efficient than the hospital and since it doesn’t have to maintain 24-hour staffing.


  • Outpatient Surgery Suites and Services