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Quality and Patient Safety

Rush Copley Medical Center provides both mandatory and voluntary data about the quality and ongoing improvement of its care. This information is used to help transform healthcare delivery to achieve better care for patients and the community at a lower cost. Rush Copley promotes transparency by publicly reporting its performance compared to other hospitals.

Hospital Compare

This resource provides information that can be compared about the quality of care at over 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals across the county. View Rush Copley's Results

Hospital Engagement Network

This unique initiative aims to prevent patient harm though the reduction of hospital acquired conditions. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services awarded a contract to the Illinois Hospital Association, Michigan Hospital Association and Wisconsin Hospital Association to form the Great Lakes Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN). The goal is to reduce hospital acquired conditions by 20% and to reduce hospital readmissions by 12%.

Rush Copley has actively participated as a member of the HIIN (formally known as HEN) since 2012, and has been a leader in multiple areas especially the reduction of readmissions. Rush Copley participates in every sponsored initiative and has been spotlighted in both state and national forums.


The Leapfrog Group is an employer-based coalition advocating for improved transparency of the quality and safety in hospitals. Its national Hospital Safety Scores are based on voluntarily submitted hospital surveys from organizations that demonstrate a commitment to transparency. The survey reviews hospitals on three key areas: how patients fare, resources used in caring for patients and leadership and organizational structures that promote patient safety.

Rush Copley has an “A” Hospital Safety ScoreSM. The A score was awarded in the fall 2018 update to the Hospital Safety Score with A, B, C, D or F scores assigned to U.S. hospitals based on preventable medical errors, injuries, accidents and infections. Rush Copley is the only hospital in the greater Fox Valley area to have earned "Straight As” since 2012 when the Leapfrog scores were first published.

National Patient Safety Goals

Centers for Disease ControlA caregiver’s clean hands are important to reduce infection when treating patients. This initiative is part of the National Patient Safety Goals. Rush Copley has instituted a computer-based hand hygiene stimulation training to increase awareness and proper hand hygiene technique involving both clinical and non-clinical staff. Ongoing training and surveillance has resulted in reduced healthcare associated infection rates.

Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety

Midwest Alliance for Patient SafetyThe Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety (the Alliance) is a patient safety organization (PSO) sponsored by the Illinois Hospital Association (IHA). A PSO is an independent, external expert that collects, analyzes and summarizes information related to a patient safety event such as medication error or other potentially harmful patient incident. Rush Copley and other hospital and healthcare providers voluntarily submit information to the Alliance to improve patient safety, healthcare quality and outcomes through a confidential and secure process that allows them to freely and transparently share and analyze patient safety events to improve care. Rush Copley believes that this reporting process benefits all organizations interested in providing better and safer care as hospitals and other organizations can learn from each other and put better processes in place to protect patients from potential harm. Rush Copley is a founding member of the Midwest Alliance for Patient safety.