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Nursing at Rush Copley

Nurses have the ability to change lives every day. Sometimes that change directly impacts a medical outcome and sometimes it is as simple as holding a patient’s hand and reassuring them during a stressful time in their lives. Nurses help bring new lives into the world, and comfort patients when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable. Nurses are present for some of the best and most challenging times in people’s lives and are looked to as a healer and comforter.

At Rush Copley, our nurses are recognized as leaders and advocates. Their contributions are vital to ensuring the highest quality care and outcomes possible.

Community Atmosphere, Academic Connection

Rush Copley's welcoming community hospital environment fosters collaborative relationships across all levels of the organization, while also benefiting from our evolving partnership with Rush University Medical Center.

Our mission, vision and promise of extraordinary service set us apart from other health care providers in the greater Chicago area.

Commitment to Nursing Excellence

Rush Copley strives for continual advancement in nursing excellence. Nurses feel energized by extensive organizational support as premier nursing processes are developed, high-quality patient care is provided and we work toward achieving Magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Learn, Grow & Be Heard

Rush Copley Nurses are able to take advantage of our many opportunities for professional development. There's support for career goals, specialty certifications and advanced degrees. Our nurses conduct research to improve patient care and help shape policy and practice improvement by participating in councils and congresses through our shared governance model.

Individualized Orientation

For new nurses, Rush Copley provides an orientation and onboarding program that’s customized to each nurse's experience level and clinical knowledge.

There is a general orientation, where we make sure nurses are up to speed on our equipment, technology, resources and culture. Then, our nurses spend four to sixteen weeks, depending on their experience and clinical knowledge, in an individualized clinical orientation.

Orientation for New Graduate Nurses

Rush Copley welcomes new graduate nurses and offers several opportunities through our START Program.