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Collaborative Relationships

Rush Copley nurses work in an environment where they are empowered to help drive decisions for nursing practice and performance improvement. Nurses are vital part of a health care team that strives for a common goal of care and healing for each patient.

Effective Team Communication

Rush Copley's health care culture fosters respectful, effective communication across all levels of the organization. Nurses build strong, supportive relationships with fellow nurses, clinical coordinators, physicians and other providers to work together to deliver safe, coordinated care that results in the best possible patient outcomes.

Our nurses’ ratings place us in the top 25 percent of hospitals nationwide for teamwork and for physician respect for nurses’ contributions.

Shared Decision Making

The purpose of the Shared Decision Making Model referred to as “Partnership” is to provide a structure for a professional work environment that reflects the desire for the highest level of accountable patient care and to increase the participation of nurses and patient care staff in decisions that affect their practice at Rush Copley Medical Center (RCMC). Our Partnership model empowers all members to have a voice in decision-making, thus encouraging diverse and creative input that will help advance and support the mission of RCMC.

Partnership Participation

Nursing Executive Congress

Nursing Executive Congress (NEC) provides oversight for the shared decision making structure, to ensure engagement and sustainability of the model through evaluation and re-evaluation and to ensure communication of all activities and processes that affect the nursing community. NEC serves as a communication linkage between nursing, other disciplines and departments and ensures the RCMC mission, vision and objectives are incorporated into the nursing mission, vision and annual tactical plan.

Practice Congress

Practice Congress provides oversight to Nursing Practice, to ensure evidence based care is incorporated into clinical practice, to ensure coordination and communication of practice and workflow changes and to ensure interprofessional collaboration to drive the best patient outcomes.

Leadership Congress

Leadership Congress organizes and manage the resources of the Nursing Community, implement initiatives that promote quality patient care and support the RCMC Strategic Plan and budget through an aligned Nursing Strategic Plan and monitor progress towards established goals and expected outcomes.

Education Congress

Education Congress provides the framework for nursing education and skills competency as the professional nurse moves from novice to expert, to collaborate, participate and make recommendations on patient and family education with other hospital committees and departments.

Research And Innovation Congress

Research and Innovation Congress provides the framework to conduct nursing research and utilize evidence-based practice. The Research and Innovation Congress will provide a forum to mentor others in the use of clinical research findings and evidence-based information/data, or to conduct research. The Congress will establish a vision of identifying innovations to support the work environment, advance the profession and improve patient outcomes.

Nursing And Patient Care Quality Congress

Nursing and Patient Care Quality Congress coordinates and oversees nursing and patient care performance improvement activities, to support the RCMC mission, vision and strategic plan.

Unit Partnership Congress

Our unit partnership provides a multidisciplinary structure to communicate ideas and outcomes related to building and strengthening relationships of each hospital department where nursing is practiced. To improve quality and safety of the patient care experience and continually elevate the professional practice environment.