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Published on July 11, 2018

New technology makes breast surgery more comfortable

Rush Copley adopts Magseed® technology at MCAI as standard of care for breast surgery lumpectomy cases

Breast cancer patients now have a new option for marking tumors before breast surgery. Until now, most women having surgery to remove a breast tumor (lumpectomy) had to undergo a "wire localization" procedure where a wire is inserted into the tumor and served as a road map for the breast surgeon to remove the diseased tissue. 

Wire localizations have known complications for women:

  • The guide wire must be inserted the same day of surgery which causes discomfort and worsens pre surgical anxiety.  The wire may be in place for hours if surgery is unexpectedly delayed.  Occasionally, difficulty in wire placement may result in long delays for surgery start times.
  • Because the guide wire protrudes from the skin, there is a risk of infection.
  • Wires can move or be dislodged.   

Magnetic Seed Localization (MSL) is a new technique used by the radiologist to localize breast lesions prior to the surgeon performing the lumpectomy and addresses all of these complications. Magseed® (the size of a grain of rice) is a magnetic seed that is inserted into the lesion under image guidance by the radiologist, and can be placed days, weeks or even months prior to the date of surgery. This flexibility simplifies the scheduling of patients, and allows them to go straight to the OR on the day of surgery minimizing delays and enhancing the patient experience. Deployment of the Magseed is quick and easy, produces no discomfort, rarely moves and stays within the breast. On the day of surgery, the Magseed is located using a small probe and can be detected from any direction, regardless of seed orientation. The seed has no moving parts and can’t be damaged when implanted. It is still detectable even if cut during dissection. During surgery, a magnetic probe called a Sentimag detects the Magseed, guiding the surgeon to the tumor. This technology provides more accurate removal of cancerous tissue, ensuring that more healthy tissue can be left behind for a better cosmetic result. 

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