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Published on January 28, 2015

People with heart valve issues will benefit by new Rush Copley and Rush University Medical Center Collaboration

Aurora, IL – Individuals with advanced and complex heart valve issues and structural heart disease can benefit from a new Heart Valve Program collaboration at Rush Copley Medical Center with Rush University Medical Center.

The new program will provide evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for patients with:

  • Valve conditions originating at birth
  • Damage to valves caused by rheumatic fever
  • Age-related valve disorders
  • Valve conditions related to abnormal function of the heart muscle
  • Leaky artificial heart valves
  • Disorders involving abnormal holes in the heart such as atrial septal defects, ventricular septal defects or patent foramen ovale

Leading the program is Rush Copley cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Jorge Balaguer and Rush University Medical Center interventional cardiologist, Dr. Clifford Kavinsky.

At the Heart Valve and Structural Heart Clinic, Kavinsky personally evaluates patients with a variety of structural and valve-related conditions, and designs individualized treatment plans offering the full array of the very newest non-surgical valve replacement, and hybrid surgical procedures for patients with structural heart disease.

The other part of the new program is a Heart Valve Conference where a multi-disciplinary team of heart experts review and evaluate individual patient cases to determine the best treatment options.

If treatment is required, the team works together to help facilitate any needed tests and procedures at either Rush Copley or Rush University Medical Center. The team also will collaborate on clinical trial procedures aimed at advancing treatment of patients with advanced valvular and structural heart disease.

“Both Rush Copley and Rush University Medical Center enjoy a long-standing collaborative partnership and a commitment to quality patient care,” said Barry C. Finn, president and CEO, Rush Copley Medical Center.  “We are pleased to bring these advanced heart services to the greater Fox Valley area and offer patients a direct connection to one of the country’s top academic medical centers.”

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