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Published on March 05, 2012

Dunham Nursing Scholars Graduate from Aurora University and Waubonsee Community College

(Aurora, Ill.) –  The Dunham Nursing Scholarship Steering Committee is pleased to announce the 2011 Dunham Scholar graduates from Aurora University and Waubonsee Community College.

In 2009, The Dunham Fund awarded a $750,000 grant for Rush Copley Foundation, along with several community healthcare and education partners, to implement a nursing scholarship program.  The grant represents an innovative project effort of community partners that include: Alden of Waterford, Aurora University, Dreyer Medical Clinic, Kane County Health Department, Provena Mercy Medical Center, Rush Copley Foundation, Rush Copley Medical Center, VNA of Fox Valley and Waubonsee Community College.

Graduates who have received an Associates of Applied Science degree from Waubonsee Community College include: Maria Badus, Tina Dace, Kendra Garrett, Andrea Hurt, Janet Herdrich, Carrie Hyde, Bhavana Lal and Bradley Smith.

Graduates who have received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree from Aurora University include: Nora Guerrero, Jami Swenson, Jessica Ware, Angela Contreras, Maureen Maltese and Susan Stefanski.

“We're extremely proud of this program and the health and wellness benefits it has provided to the greater Aurora area,” said Robert Vaughan, Executive Director of the Dunham Fund.  “We are proud to honor these graduates for their outstanding achievements and are grateful for the healthcare they provide to our community members.”

Grant’s Impact on Nursing Students

The Dunham scholarship program has made a significant impact on the careers and lives of recent graduates.  Susan Stefanski, a BSN graduate from Aurora University, said that while earning her degree, she has been enriching her education by becoming more involved in her work and as a volunteer.

“My BSN education together with hospital involvement has made a liaison between the business and bedside aspects of nursing,” said Stefanski.  “This blend of responsibilities is what interests me to pursue my Masters of Science in Nursing and continue to share my knowledge and experience with the Aurora community and help guide other nurses to do the same.”
Maureen Maltese, a BSN graduate of Aurora University, said that without the Dunham scholarship she would not have been able to achieve her educational and career goals.

“This experience has also helped me to realize that working as a team can bring successful outcomes in providing excellent nursing care to our patient and community,” said Maltese.

Tina Dace, a Waubonsee Community College graduate and Dunham Scholar, said her background in social work and child development helped lead her to a nursing career.

“My aunt, a registered nurse, recommended nursing as a career option for combing my existing skills with new ones,” said Dace.  “I hope to give back and contribute my nursing skills to the greater Aurora area.“

About the Dunham Fund

The Dunham Fund honors the legacy of John C. Dunham and supports organizations that work to make the world a safer and more comfortable place for mankind to live and prosper, giving special consideration to Aurora-area organization engaged in providing education and to organizations engaged in assisting individuals to attain heights they may not have attained without the benefit of assistance.

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