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Behnam Majd, M.D., Chief ResidentLetter From Our Chief Resident

Welcome to the home of Rush Copley family medicine residency. As you explore our website; you will soon find that our residency program possesses the qualities it takes to produce high quality, competent family medicine clinicians regardless if you are wishing to pursue a carrier in outpatient, inpatient or a traditional setting.

One of our main strengths is the fact that we are an unopposed residency program. This means that we have the opportunity to learn from any case we wish without competing with other residents or fellows. Furthermore, we work with and learn directly from the subspecialists and attending physician.  

As Rush Copley Family medicine residents, we are challenged with leading Rapid Response Teams and respond to all codes. This is an invaluable and unique learning opportunity for our residents.

The distinguishing factor of our program, which sets it apart, is the very people whom it consists of.  From the front staff to the faculty attending, everyone is invested in the education and success of the residents. The subspecialists in our hospital enjoy teaching and discussing cases with the residents.  You will have the opportunity to interpret EKG, CTs as well as assisting with bronchoscopies, central lines, angiograms, thoracentesis directly with the subspecialists.

Our program is located in Aurora Illinois, which is located 45 minutes west of Chicago. Aurora is the second largest city in Illinois. This provides us with a very diverse patient population both on the inpatient side and in our clinic. One will experience a wide variety of medicine; anywhere from rural to more urban medicine.  In addition, on their free time our residents have access to the great city of Chicago. There they  are be able to enjoy all of which it has to offer such as restaurants, art, social actives and a diverse culture.

As you continue your journey through the match and start to narrow down the places where you could envision yourself practicing medicine, I invite you to consider Rush Copley Family Medicine Residency.  Here, you will have the opportunity and the support to develop into an excellent physician.  Residency will be challenging no matter where you choose, but at Rush Copley, you will have the support and guidance from your fellow residency colleagues and faculty to ensure your success.

Please explore the website and learn more about us.

Behnam Majd, M.D.
Chief Resident
Class of 2018