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Letter From Our Chief Resident

Rosalia Cuozza, MDWelcome to the Rush Copley Family Medicine Residency Program. As you browse though our website, you will gain an understanding of why our program is the ideal family medicine training site and how our graduates have gone on to become excellent family physicians. Our residency program possesses the qualities it takes to produce high quality, competent family medicine clinicians, regardless of whether you wish to pursue a career in outpatient medicine, inpatient medicine or a more traditional setting.

The strength of our program is embedded in the fact that we are a well-rounded and relatively unopposed program based at Rush Copley Medical Center. There are ER and PM&R residents that occasionally rotate at the hospital. Our training is a testament to our highly trained and knowledgeable core faculty, community attending physicians, and subspecialists. Being unopposed, we are given the opportunity to learn directly from our attendings and specialists. Residents here are charged with a great deal of responsibility in the both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Along the way, residents develop a solid knowledge base, which is built upon over their time here.

The highlight of our program is the people we work with on a daily basis. There is a strong sense of comradery that exists between the residents, faculty and staff. From the office staff to the faculty attendings, everyone is invested in the education and success of the residents. We learn to work as a collaborative team with community attendings, specialists, nurses and other hospital staff to provide top quality care for our patients. The attendings and specialists are very approachable and are always willing to teach and discuss cases. We are not just seen as residents but as doctors and fellow colleagues. You will truly become integrated into the Rush Copley family. Rush Copley Medical Center has been rated in the top 10 of “Top Chicago Area Workplaces” in 2015 and 2016 by the Chicago Tribune.  In 2017, we kept that tradition alive, as the highest rated healthcare employer on the list. 

Our campus is located in the city of Aurora, the second largest city in the state of Illinois. This provides us with an incredibly diverse group of patients and medical conditions. Many of our clinic patients, often including multiple generations within the same family, have been coming to our clinic for several years and travel from various neighboring cities. Our proximity to the city of Chicago allows us to enjoy the wonderful events, diverse culture, and infrastructure of a world-class city. From city life to outdoor life, our residents have access to it all.

As you go through the Match process and decide where you would like to call your future “home away from home” for the next 3 years, I invite you to consider our Family Medicine Residency Program. Here you will develop an excellent knowledge base and an opportunity to develop your own unique way of practicing medicine in a variety of clinical settings. Residency is challenging, and at times can be overwhelming, but here at Rush Copley, you will experience many fun and exciting days that make up for the difficult ones.

Please explore the rest of our website to learn more about us. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Rosalia Cuozzo, MD
Chief Resident
Class of 2020