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Managed Care Policies

Rush Copley Medical Center bills all carriers for inpatient and outpatient admission.

Complete billing information required by the carrier or employer must be provided at the time of registration or admission. Please verify your insurance carriers and policy numbers and contact Patient Financial Services with any corrections or changes.

Patients are encouraged to respond in a timely manner to all requests from their insurance carrier. Failure to comply with insurance requirements may result in a partial or complete insurance denial.

Our organization maintains an active follow-up program with all insurances; however, patients are ultimately responsible for making certain that their bill is paid.

HMOs and PPOs often require a referral or preauthorization prior to a patient's registration. Failure of the patient or their physician to provide a proper referral or preauthorization will result in a denial of payment by insurance. The patient is then held responsible for payment of the bill.

If a patient's bill is a result of an accident or injury caused by somebody else, please remember that disputes between patients and others do not involve the hospital. The hospital will file liability liens against the patient and/or responsible party whenever deemed necessary.