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Special Features

The opportunities of Rush-Copley's Rehabilitation Program are unique and expansive.  Some of the special features include:

The Physical Rehabilitation Center: The Center is designed to maximize patients' potential as they return to independence.  The facility offers true-to-life features such as an automobile designed to replicate day-to-day activities and help inpatients prepare to be independent once more.

Frequency of Services: Therapy is provided six days a week for at least 3 hours.

Therapy Gym: As part of therapy, patients use the gym to practice walking and lifting.  They also perform exercises to help strengthen muscles and improve basic body movement. 

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT): AAT is provided as an adjunct to traditional therapy sessions. Our program facilitates improved clinical outcomes for therapy goals and interventions, increased motivation, as well as improved patient satisfaction among patients on the rehab unit. Through interaction with specially trained dogs, patients are able to reach their rehabilitation goals in an innovative and enjoyable setting.

Interactive Gaming: The interactive game system, Nintendo Wii, is integrated into our rehabilitation program to provide a fun and innovative way for patients to improve their coordination, balance, movement and timing. These are all important aspects of rehabilitation. This technology can provide a challenging but fun way to work on physical impairments.

Cognitive Software: Rehabilitation is enhanced through use of computer software programs that provide cognitive exercises to enhance attention, reasoning, memory, listening skills, and cognitive processing speed. Our therapists utilize this technology to improve and retrain cognitive function through a fun and challenging activity.

VitalStim Therapy for Swallowing Dysfunction: VitalStim is a treatment used to help patients who have difficulty swallowing. Therapists are certified to provide VitalStim to assist with improving swallow function. Electrical stimulation is used to aid in muscle strengthening to improve the patient’s swallowing function. This intervention has been shown to accelerate recovery.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES): Speech language pathologists are skilled in the use of fiberoptic technology to assist in assessing swallowing function. Utilizing this form of assessment for swallowing provides immediate results for recommendations and treatment. This assessment can be completed in the patient's room and is helpful to assist in determining the patient’s readiness for oral nutrition.

Rush-Copley Healthplex: Rush-Copley Healthplex not only hosts the Outpatient Therapy Center, it is the perfect place to continue recovery after prescribed therapy sessions have concluded.  Ask about the special membership program for therapy "graduates."