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Nursing at Rush-Copley


The nursing philosophy at Rush-Copley is based on Dr. Jean Watson's theory of human caring. Dr. Watson is a Distinguished Professor of Nursing and holds an endowed Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  

Theory on caring speaks to the relationship nurses develop with their patients through their actions. Our nurses seek to not only provide care, but to establish a compassionate trusting relationship with their patients.

Nursing Leadership

Nursing leadership at Rush-Copley fosters an environment that nurtures our nurses. Quite simply, we care for nurses so they can care for patients. The nursing community is guided by six principles that support this simple belief: shared decision-making, collaborative communication, advancement and recognition, education and academic pursuits, staffing and scheduling, and clinical and non-clinical support systems.

Shared Decision-Making

Through an organizational structure known as "Partnership," Rush-Copley encourages nurses to be involved in all aspects of decision-making. Staff members participate on congresses devoted to the practice, research, education, leadership and quality of patient care. These congresses ensure that the nursing voice contributes to the best outcomes possible on behalf of nurses and patients.

Collaborative Communication

At Rush-Copley, nurses are supported and respected as vital colleagues whose opinions matter and whose contributions are recognized. Collaborative communication is a Rush-Copley hallmark and includes coworkers, physicians and other professionals working toward a common goal. As a result of these efforts, nurses rate coworkers in the top quartile for teamwork. In addition, nurses also rate physicians respect for their contributions in the top 15 percent nationally based on annual RN engagement research.

Advancement and Recognition

Rush-Copley believes that recognizing and rewarding top talent is a must for both retention and satisfaction. Nurses are recognized and rewarded through a variety of means, both housewide and at the department level. Peers and supervisors alike routinely single out nurses for the enormous contributions they make to the medical center.

Advancement opportunities abound at Rush-Copley for the nurse who strives to take their talent to the next level. While keeping bedside patient care at the forefront, Rush-Copley’s clinical advancement program elevates nurses who choose to expand their scope and influence.

Education and Academic Pursuits

At Rush-Copley, nurses are encouraged to engage in continued educational achievement. Nurses are offered the option of completing their baccalaureate and/or master's degrees while employed at the medical center. Further, on-site continuing education that is recognized by the State of Illinois is available to all nurses at Rush-Copley. Many nursing professionals have achieved clinical specialty certification at the national level. These achievements increase the clinical knowledge of staff nurses as well as increase patient quality outcomes.

Staffing and Scheduling

Balance is essential to high quality, whether related to patient to nurse ratios or scheduling to meet the work/life needs of employees. At Rush-Copley, staffing levels support appropriate workloads to ensure safe levels of care. Patient ratios are monitored to make certain that staffing levels are adequate.

Juggling the demands of career and home life can be a challenge. Rush-Copley provides flexible schedules to ensure appropriate patient care rations as well to aid nurses in their pursuit of work/home/life balance.

Clinical and Non-Clinical Support Systems

More than 600 professionals make up the nursing community at Rush-Copley. While the driving force within the medical center, nurses are supported by a variety of resources. With a wide range of systems, nurses are provided with electronic communication, medication safety devices and well as access to clinical experts.  Nurses at Rush-Copley enjoy a highly supportive practice environment.