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Know Before You Go

About Wait Times

For Rush-Copley's Emergency Department in Aurora, calculations are based on the time you arrive to the time you are placed in the treatment area for physician evaluation.  Upon arrival, you will check-in, and then be assessed by a Registered Nurse who will obtain your presenting complaint and a brief history.  In many cases some of your treatment may begin before entering a treatment room for physician evaluation based on protocols to expedite your care.  It is important to note that patients who are victims of traumatic accidents or have life-threatening conditions are always treated immediately upon arriving, so circumstances such as these may also impact your wait time during your visit.

For Rush-Copley Emergency Center in Yorkville, calculations are based on the time you check-in to the time you are assessed by a Registered Nurse and placed into a treatment area for physician evaluation.

Since no two patients are alike, the nature of what you're being seen for as well as your medical history may play a part in the length of time you wait. Our times are updated every 5 minutes based on actual times from the preceding 60 minutes.