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Children's Health, Pediatrics

When your child is hospitalized, you want the best care available and you want it delivered with a caring touch. If your child needs hospital services, you'll be glad to know the pediatrics team at Rush-Copley Medical Center is there for you. Dedicated doctors specializing in a variety of pediatric areas focus on your child's health. They also help infants, toddlers and young adults focus on wellness early in their lives and help youngsters make healthy lifestyle choices. Rush-Copley makes sure your child receives the best medical care available in a state-of-the-art facility.

Pediatric services at Rush-Copley focus on the needs and rights of children and their parents. This means you are informed and involved during every step of your child's care.

  • Involvement in your child's care - Rush-Copley staff involves the parents in decisions about the child's care. For the family's convenience, overnight stays in the child's room are easily accommodated.
  • Children are offered room service menus with several kid-friendly menu choices.
  • The pediatrics area offers six private rooms dedicated to young patients.
  • The arrangement of home healthcare services for children who may have special requirements at home is available.

Pediatric Imaging at Rush-Copley

Rush-Copley is committed to the safety of our patients and to provide quality imaging at the lowest dose possible while recognizing the potential lifesaving value of CT scans.

To help parents and caregivers understand some of the questions surrounding CT and medical imaging, please download this brochure from the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. What Parents Should Know About Medical Radiation Safety

Keep Record of Imaging Tests
To help parents and caregivers keep track of imaging procedures, please download the Medical Imaging Record.

Rush-Copley Healthplex

Rush-Copley's Healthplex has a 12,000 square-foot Discovery Zone area dedicated to the health and fitness activities of children. Kids can swim, exercise in the gym with kid-sized equipment, participate in a variety of activities including classes, climb the rock wall and more.