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Cancer Support Services

Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center

Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center where services and support, free of charge, are available to anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis. For most people, facing this disease is filled with fear, indecision and often, treatment plans that can be physically and emotionally demanding. Waterford Place staff and volunteers aim to provide comforting, understanding and fortifying resources for those in any stage of treatment or survivorship—along with their loved ones. Waterford Place is where help meets hope.

Advanced Illness Support Clinic

The Advanced Illness Support Clinic provides a team approach to work in partnership with your doctor through the course of treatment. Learn More

Breast Health Navigator

A breast health navigator is a specially trained nurse who will provide care for our breast health patients. A breast health navigator is responsible for coordinating diagnostic testing and care, providing educational information, informing patients of services and resources available, and keeping physicians informed of patient care.

Caring Forward - Cancer Survivorship Program

This program is designed to address the unique emotional, physical and social issues cancer survivors may face after treatment ends. We bring together healthcare experts to share information and resources to empower survivors.

Clinical Social Work and Professional Counseling

Our clinical social worker provides one-on-one professional counseling and support for individuals and families in coping with illness at all stages of diagnosis and treatment.

Social work and counseling can also assist with practical issues such as transportation, financial concerns and other common problems.

Financial Counseling

One-on-one counseling is available for patients and families seeking financial assistance. You can schedule an appointment with our financial counselor by calling the Cancer Center.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps reduce stress, anxiety and pain in patients undergoing cancer treatment. It is available to patients at Waterford Place and the Healthplex while patients undergo treatment.

Medical Interpreters

Interpreter services work with patients and families to communicate in means other than spoken English at no charge to our patients. Our goal is to make sure patients and families receive vital medical information in a manner that is understood.

Music Therapy

Music therapy uses the power of sound to encourage healing and promote a sense of well-being. Weekly sessions are available to patients undergoing treatment.

Nutrition Counseling

For More Information
Newly diagnosed cancer patients experience a great deal of change. They cope with physical changes to their body as well as the emotional stress of uncertainty and information “overload” and often an aggressive treatment plan that may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. This combination of factors can impact the diet and eating habits of even the
most motivated patient.

Rush-Copley’s Cancer Care Center is pleased to offer patients NutriTherapy, a comprehensive and proactive nutritional support program designed to complement their treatment plans. A registered dietitian works in concert with the patient’s care team to help reduce the risk of diet-related complications, especially for those managing specific types of cancer such as head, neck and digestive.

How it Works

In many instances, the type of cancer or the treatment for various cancers can result in a patient having nutrition-related issues. The goal of NutriTherapy is to intervene at the start of treatment to help patients cope with side effects from treatment and to make food choices that help sustain them while undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

Each new patient is assessed by the care team to determine their current nutritional status and is offered a consultation with the dietitian.

The care team encourages a patient to bring a significant other, family member or caregiver with them to the consultation to help ask questions and provide information.

The dietitian will continue to work with patients throughout their treatment as needed. There is no additional charge for this service. Once treatment is complete, patients requiring additional nutritional counseling will be referred to their primary care physician for follow-up.

What Patients Receive

During the consultation, patients will receive information that provides helpful hints for those whose treatment side effects result in common problems such as nausea, mouth sores, taste changes and more. Patients also learn about the importance of maintaining optimal nutrition and how it plays an important role in response to treatment and overall well-being. Ask a Cancer Care team member for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Patient Library

Rush-Copley offers a wide variety of useful resources to our patients and their families in a friendly, comfortable setting. Computers, books, and informative brochures and pamphlets are available to all patients and families.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual beliefs can be a great source of strength and comfort during cancer treatment. Rush-Copley's interfaith chapel is located on the second floor and is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for prayer and meditation. Clinically-trained chaplains are available and can be contacted through the nursing staff.

Support Groups

Professionally led groups provide a safe and affirming environment for learning alternative methods of coping, obtaining information about cancer and its treatments, gaining problem-solving skills, practicing communication and alleviate feelings of isolation.


Yoga can increase physical and social functions, improve health, reduce fatigue and sleep problems. If you are recently diagnosed with cancer, in any stage of treatment or a cancer survivor, join us for these free weekly yoga sessions at  Waterford Place. Tuesdays, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., Waterford Place. Please call 331-301-5280 to register.