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    All the right doctors to treat you and your family.

    When you find a doctor you can relate to, someone who understands you, you just know it. It’s a special, trusting relationship you take comfort in—the kind of relationship we know you’ll find at Rush-Copley Medical Group. Within our diverse range of doctors is the right one for you. And as our network grows, so do your choices, with more doctors at more convenient locations across the Fox Valley. Our network of doctors and specialists are all connected, not just professionally but electronically, so they all have timely access to your important medical information. Whatever your healthcare needs, whenever you need them, the doctors and specialists of Rush-Copley Medical Group are here to help.

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    Your connection to excellence.

    When you choose a doctor from Rush-Copley Medical Group, you’re connected to a hospital known for its extraordinary care. At Rush-Copley Medical Center, our skilled professionals practice medicine on the leading edge, providing the latest in heart and vascular care, cancer care, women’s health, emergency services and neuroscience. With the most advanced technology close at hand, they’ll collaborate with their colleagues to find the right answer for you. At the heart of it all is the compassionate touch of our dedicated doctors and nurses, so committed to your care and comfort, Rush-Copley consistently receives the highest patient satisfaction ratings.

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MyChart®, your online health record.

Got a question about your healthcare? Turn to My Chart® to review your health history, get test results, renew prescriptions and more. It’s simple, secure and a great way to stay in touch with your healthcare.

Login or Sign up today– it’s easy!

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    With MyChart® you can:

    You’re curious about your lab results from a routine physical. Or, you’re anxious to hear about an MRI you just had. With MyChart®, you won’t have to call your doctor’s office to find out. Your test results are available online once your doctor has reviewed them.

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    With MyChart® you can:
    Request Prescription Refills.

    For any of your refillable medications, MyChart® is your convenient connection between your doctor, your pharmacy and you. Just go to MyChart®, make your request, and your prescription renewal will be processed as soon as possible.

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    With MyChart® you can:

    When you have a question or want to convey any health updates to your doctor, MyChart® is perfect for getting in touch. It’s just like sending an email through your own password-protected page.

  • Convenient locations for you and your family.

    Search for a location near you:

  • Schedule an appointment that works with your schedule.

    We strive to make scheduling an office visit as quick, easy and convenient as possible. For sick visits, we’ll help you schedule a same-day appointment. Too busy to call? Request an appointment online by logging into MyChart®. If you don’t have an activation code, you may request one here. If you're unable to use MyChart, please call your doctor or provider’s office directly to schedule an appointment.

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    Vrinda Kumar, MD
    TiS  the season for flu

    It’s flu season!  That means runny noses, body aches, fevers/chills, cough for seven to 10 days…ick!  Lucky for you, influenza shots are now available so you can be armed and ready for the next few months.

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  • Rush-Copley Medical Group news and updates.

    Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones this Flu Season

    Flu vaccines for adults and children are now available at Rush-Copley Medical Group. Contact your doctor's office to schedule an appointment or stop by Convenient Care in Sugar Grove.