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After and still going strong!

Member Spotlight

The Healthplex is proud to recognize member Kari Heddins-Sonner for her commitment to health and making lifestyle changes that have helped her reach her personal goals.  She has utilized Rush-Copley Healthplex for exercise and personal training needs and works out 10 hours each week.  To date, Kari has lost 130 pounds and counting as she continues to improve and maintain her lifestyle changes.  

“This journey has been the hardest but most rewarding change I have made in my life,” said Kari.  “Personal life-long struggles combined with the opportunity to join the Healthplex encouraged me to walk through the front door of the Healthplex for the first time.”

Kari started her journey in February 2012 and never could have imagined that she would reach this level of success.  

“I never thought that I would be someone who would enjoy going to the gym,” said Kari.  “I discovered that my time working out has helped in many ways, not only the physical changes but the gain of emotional strength.”
Kari says she could not have accomplished her goals without the support of her personal trainer, Ryan Gaffney.  

“Ryan helped me move beyond barriers and trials along the way,” said Kari.  “He constantly offers me reassurance and motivation when I need it.”   
Ryan says that Kari is a true inspiration of will power.

“So much of life comes down to pure will power and it takes will power to get out of bed in the morning and a lot more to deal with the struggles of life,” says Ryan.  “When will is applied to passion and commitment, the results can be limitless. Never have I met a better example of this than Kari.”

In Kari’s spare time she enjoys cooking, baking, shopping, decorating and spending time with her family.  She finds shopping more enjoyable now because she can now shop for clothes in stores she never could before.

Kari’s advice for others on a weight loss journey is to focus on how far you have come, not how far you have to go.

Congratulations Kari!