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Krav Maga – The Fitness of Self-Defense

If you are looking for the confidence to protect yourself and family, or a way to shed pounds and get into shape, Krav Maga is an easy to learn, high-intensity workout that could save your life. Krav Maga (pronounced Krahv Ma-gah) is a system of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat adopted by the Israeli Army.

Rush-Copley Healthplex offers Krav Maga with our certified instructors who will lead you through a series of self defense techniques used in this non-competitive, martial arts based system.   You will get an exceptional workout while learning the “fitness of self defense.” 

Principles of Krav Maga

The first key to Krav Maga is to avoid confrontation if at all possible.  This is done by being constantly aware of your surroundings.  However, when confrontation and harm are imminent, one must defend themselves in the most brutal and quickest way possible.

As the most effective street combat system in the world, Krav Maga is constantly evolving and adapting to the world today.  It embodies the most powerful moves from boxing, judo, wrestling, jui jitsu, karate and several other martial arts.  It focuses on defense and attack at the same time.  The counter-attacks focus on the soft tissues of the attacker’s body.  These areas cannot be strengthened no matter what the size or fitness background of the attacker.  All Krav Maga moves are tested using a small female against a large male.  If they do not work, then it is not adopted into the self-defense system.

When violence occurs, a natural “adrenaline dump” happens.  This dump tends to overwhelm the mind and a sense of shock comes over the victim.  During a time of crisis the brain becomes overwhelmed and tries to remember which move to use to counter.  Unlike other martial arts systems that teach many moves for each attack, Krav teaches one combined defense and counter attack.  Not only does this minimize harm to the body, it maximizes memory in an attack situation.  Through constant repetition, the body will react when the brain is overwhelmed and in a state of shock.

Sessions are four weeks long and new sessions begin monthly.  To register for the next session, call 630-978-6280.