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Fitness Program Directory

With over 125 unique and innovative group exercise classes there's something for everyone!  Explore our fitness directory to find the perfect class for you.


Amateur BoxFit
This is a fun, fast-paced, high-energy class that introduces members to all the stations of a boxer’s training regimen. Gloves are provided. Participants may purchase their own hand wraps at the ProShop.

Boxing Bootcamp
A cardio workout utilizing the skills of self-defense,boxing and kick boxing with realistic moves and training techniques. The coed class will challenge each person at their level.

Olympian Boxing Circuit
A classic boxer’s workout. Emphasis is placed upon legitimate boxing skills - balance, leverage, focus, concentration, timing, accuracy, speed & endurance.

Pro-Power Boxing
Pro-Power is an advanced strength and conditioning class that utilizes all aspects of exercise with and emphasis on boxing. This class is sure to test your cardio limits and muscular endurance while expanding on the technique learned in Boxfit.


Athletic Training and Conditioning ATAC
Looking for an athletic style class with no choreography? Intense cardio moves, sports specific training in circuit/ interval format utilizing weights, jump ropes and more!

Basic Step
This is for the beginner student to learn basic step moves.

Begin to Spin
Our instructors will teach you the proper bike set up,movement cues and correct form during this 30 minute cardio class.

Combination Training
You’ll be motivated to move in this class with a variety of techniques. Intervals of step, hi-lo aerobics, strength training, kick boxing and more will keep you interested and invigorated.

Functionally Fit
Improve range of motion, strength, flexibility and cardio fitness in this low intensity class.

Indoor cycling classes are virtual outdoor bike rides. Instructors use visual imagery and a variety of music so each ride is a new adventure. Designed for all fitness levels but we encourage you take Begin to Spin.

A high-energy program with aerobic conditioning. Perfect for beginners and conditioned athletes.

Step & Sculpt
A terrific step workout with strength training intervals.

Sunrise Spin
Head out for a ride before the rest of the world gets inyour way! Tuesdays-Interval Spin, Thursdays-Strength Ride, Fridays-Endurance Ride

Teen/Adult Spin
Ages 11 & up. This class is designed to take the unique considerations of the teen athlete in mind, giving a goodwork out while having fun. Adults welcome.

Turbo Step
A high intensity workout for advanced stepper that will push you to your cardiovascular limits.

Video Spin
Get an effective cardio workout spinning while watching music videos, concerts and scenic routes on a projection screen.

Ultimate Treadmill
This class is sure to improve your endurance and speed. It’s the ultimate tread class, whether you’re a walker or runner. Come join us for some sweatin’ fun.

Zumba fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. All fitness levels welcome!

Zumba® Toning
Shake it, Tone it, Work it! Kick up your Zumba workout with some serious body sculpting.


Barbell Blast
A challenging total body workout that uses an adjustable weight barbell. Great for all levels-you choose your weights!

Basic Strength
This is for the beginner student to learn proper form and technique. Advance students can benefit from the additional guidance provided.

Butts & Guts
30 min. workout conditions your lower body & abs.

Work the entire body with a full range of resistance exercise using a variety of equipment-bands, tubing, weights, balls and more.

Exercise for Parkinson’s
Emphasis will be placed on stretching and strengthening exercises to improve balance, posture, flexibility, range of motion, coordination and gait. All levels of fitness ability are welcome.

Hard Core
Intense abdominal work in a short amount of time. Great to add to any workout!

Kettlebell Training
This fun and varied class will give you a full body workout in a short amount of time.

On The Ball Training
Strength training for the whole body, utilizing stability and ballast balls, medicine balls and the bosu trainer, paired with weights and bands. On the ball training provides a total body conditioning with the added benefits of core and functional training.

Seniors of Steel
Increase your balance, endurance, flexibility, bone mass & strengthen your muscles in this fun filled class.

Sport Stretching
Help your muscles recover after a grueling workout with this sport stretching class.

Stability Ball
Total body conditioning workout, targets all muscle groups using the exercise ball.


Bootcamp Circuit
This class combines strength and cardio in an intense circuit format.

Extreme Fit
This is an intense cardio and strength class that is sure to challenge you to the “extreme”.


Cancer Care Yoga
Yoga for the student in any stage of cancer treatment.  A safe and nurturing environment will be provided with breathing, relaxation, creating strength and balance. Poses will be modified as needed by students.

Family Yoga
Family Yoga is for children 7 years and up with Mom and Dad. Get opportunity to explore Yoga together! Improve your body and mind with a fun approach to breathing and movement. Increase strength, flexibility, coordination and posture.

Fitness Pilates
All fitness levels, emphasis on deep abdominal muscles, lower back & buttocks using the “powerhouse” with incorporating flexibility & strength conditioning.

Flow Yoga
Continuous flow of advanced yoga postures in powerful succession.

Gentle Yoga
A calm yoga class that will start your day off right.

Gentle Yoga for Beginners
Learn the basics of yoga-breathing and poses in this introduction to yoga class.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga
Flowing postures with deep breathing will strengthen and tone your body plus reduce stress.

Hatha Yoga Relaxation
A meditative, relaxing form of yoga. A perfect way to start or end your day.

A total body non-impact workout that stretches, strengthens and lengthens the entire body with an emphasis on the core muscles.

Pre/Post Natal Yoga
Meet the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, labor and delivery and connect with other women to share the experience of these phases of a women’s life.

Sport Yoga
This yoga class will help improve athletic performance by improving flexibility, balance mental focus and body awareness.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
A dynamic, vigorous and flowing sequence of yoga poses. Movement working with the breath.

Yoga Basic
Yoga for stress relief. Focus on breath awareness and deep mindful stretching.

Yoga Core
Yoga philosophy and core strengthening.

Yoga Levels 1 & 2
This class is designed for the beginner and intermediate yoga levels.

Yin Yoga
Focus on the body’s joint and connective tissues through floor postures held for several minutes.

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