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Fox Valley Heart Fund Initiatives

Become a regular sponsor and help sustain our communities’ heart health and survival. Here's how we put your dollars to work:

Heart Risk Profile and Screening

Since 2004, over 10,000 free heart risk profiles have been distributed to women in the community allowing them to initiate the first step in awareness and education regarding their personal heart health risk. The Foundation is extending this opportunity to both men and women in our community. Each completed profile is processed and a personal report is generated. To compliment this effort, cholesterol screenings are made available in the community. Sponsorship of this program supports:

• Printing costs of risk profiles, educational bookmarks and heart disease handbooks
• Medical supply costs for screenings
• Maintenance costs of risk profile computer hardware and software

Aurora Community Heart Clinic

In July of 2010, the Fox Valley Heart Fund with the generous support of the Dunham Fund, initiated the Aurora Community Heart Clinic at the VNA of Fox Valley to provide cardiovascular services for those less fortunate in our community. A cardiology- trained and supervised physician assistant provides regular consultative services for the uninsured and underinsured population in our local area. Sponsorship of this program supports:

  • Physician assistant salaries
  • Medical supply costs
  • Minor medical equipment costs
  • Clinic staff and facility expenses

Fox Valley Heart Fund Nursing Scholarships & Recognition

We believe in empowering and encouraging local students to pursue healthcare careers. Given the right resources, these young adults can impact their lives, their families, and their communities in meaningful ways.

In this spirit, Fox Valley Heart Foundation has created the Fox Valley Heart Foundation Scholarships. Each year, $3000 is awarded to local nursing program recipients to help realize their nursing goals. In addition, each year the Foundation Recognition Award is presented to community members who show outstanding efforts in furthering our cause. Sponsorship of this program supports:

  • Four-$750 scholarship awards
  • Newspaper promotion and targeted mailing costs
  • Recognition awards and plaques

Heart Sisters Education and Support Group

This empowered group of women heart disease survivors provides a relaxed, confidential outlet for women to share thoughts and feelings with other women coping with heart related issues. They are active in community education, reaching out to new heart patients in the hospital and raising awareness. Sponsorship of this program supports:

  • Graphic design and printing costs of Heart Sisters brochures, business cards, letterhead and new member note cards
  • Heart Sisters Annual Picnic and Holiday Gathering

Annual Women's Heart Symposium

This annual event, now in its eighth year, attracts over 200 health care professionals, providing dialogue with some of the country’s leading experts on the most current issues related to heart disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. When necessary, it provides gender specific scientific information for healthcare providers to assure equality in the delivery of healthcare. Sponsorship of this program supports:

  • Printing costs of symposium syllabus, educational materials, and advertising
  • Support of event venue rental space
  • Support of audio-visual presentation costs

Fund Website

Offering access to cardiovascular disease education and prevention information as well as a free personalized heart risk profile. The website provides links to nationally recognized heart disease prevention organizations as well as national guidelines for prevention and treatment. Sponsorship of this program supports:

  • Annual maintenance and hosting costs of risk profile computer hardware and software
  • Foundation staff to assure current prevention and treatment data is available to website visitors

Healthy Living Traveling Educational Exhibit

Fox Valley Heart Fund is developing a traveling Healthy Living exhibit to be displayed at a variety of community venues including local churches, schools, community organization, park district facilities, large retailers, and corporate sites. Sponsorship of this program supports:

  • Development costs including graphic designs and content of Healthy Living exhibit
  • Trained staff to maximize visibility and provide personal interaction with our community on the importance of personal healthy lifestyle choices
  • Resources for scheduling and set-up of exhibit on rotating schedule within our community