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Frequently Asked Questions

What shift options are available?

Rush Copley has shift options to accommodate many different lifestyles and needs. Our units offer 8 hour and 12 hour shift options. For many units, shifts begin at 7am, 3pm, 7pm, and 11pm, but some units have staggered start times. A weekender program and unit-based registry program may also be available, based on unit needs.

Since staffing and scheduling are subject to specific unit needs and the availability of staff, not all options are available on all units. Staffing and scheduling options can be explored with the unit manager at the time of interview.
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Do you have clinical advancement opportunities?

Yes.  Clinical advancement should be the pursuit of every nursing professional.  Rush Copley supports career development through a set of basic principles:
· Commitment to excellence and lifelong learning
· Reward/recognition of talent both formally and informally
· Participation from staff nurses in nursing-oriented quality improvement
· Opportunities for staff nurses to participate in policy and practice development
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Do you hire new graduates?

Yes.  At Rush Copley, we believe in fostering the growth and development of all nursing professionals.  We have a specially designed program aimed at providing a smooth transition for the novice nurse into the acute care setting. Rush Copley requires nurses to have taken their NCLEX and passed, and have a current Illinois license prior to hire. New graduates are hired throughout the year, as the need arises.  Please refer to the job postings for new graduate opportunities.
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What does the orientation process involve?

In addition to a two-day general orientation session at Rush-Copley, all new nursing employees must attend a two-day Clinical Orientation program, laying the foundation for success at Rush Copley. In these sessions, representatives from various departments throughout the organization present information about patient care and staff support services.

In addition to the Clinical Orientation sessions, each nursing unit presents a specific program for new staff nurses. A plan is customized in conjunction with the new nurse’s experience and core set of clinical knowledge to care for patients in each area. Clinical orientation time varies for each nurse, ranging from 8-12 weeks, dependent on individual needs.
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What is the nurse to patient ratio at Rush Copley?

This ratio varies from unit to unit, depending on specialty area and level of care. Rush Copley practices safe patient to nurse ratios.
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How can I submit a resume?

Your can submit your resume in one of the following ways:

Apply Online at Rush Copley's Career Center. Search the listings to find nursing opportunities that suit your skills and experience.

By Mail To:
Rush Copley Medical Center
Human Resources
2000 Ogden Avenue
Aurora, IL 60504

Fax your resume to: 630-978-6860
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