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Cutting-Edge Diagnosis & Treatment

Specialists are using exclusive 3D mapping and non-surgical techniques to cure certain heart rhythm disorders. For patients with peripheral vascular disease, cardiothoracic surgeons are performing delicate stent grafting, a life-changing procedure that opens clogged arteries and repairs aneurysms. This progressive heart team also understands the unique and untraditional nature of heart risks for women, providing a full range of preventive, diagnostic and treatment options—all within the dedicated Women’s Heart Center in Rush-Copley’s Heart & Vascular Institute.

Rush-Copley offers the most comprehensive and advanced methods for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart and vascular disease. Learn more about our heart & vascular services.

Prevention & Early Detection

Detection and prevention can help you avoid cardiac diseases. Early detection is important in the battle against heart disease. Preventing heart disease can be easy given the right tools and knowledge. Our prevention and early detection programs can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Heart Surgery

Rush-Copley performs many types of heart surgery utilizing highly-skilled specialists and the latest technology. We are committed to pursuing new and better heart-health solutions. Learn how our heart surgery services can help you.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

At the Rush-Copley Heart & Vascular Institute, we'll give you the motivation and support you need to adjust to life after a cardiac event. You'll learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise and ways you can reduce your risk of another cardiac event. Rush-Copley's state-of-the-art cardiac rehabilitation center has the latest fitness equipment to help rebuild strength and confidence, all under the guidance of specially trained nurses and staff.

To participate in Rush-Copley's Cardiac Rehabilitation program, patients need a referral from a physician or heart specialist.

  • Heart Screenings

    Heart and Vascular Screening Packages

    Rush-Copley is pleased to offer a menu of heart screening options that can help put your mind at ease. These diagnostic tests are often recommended by cardiologists to get a better perspective on your heart health but don't require a prescription or doctor's referral.

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