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Fun Stuff

You know what they say about all work and no play…well, we try to have some fun, too!

Graduation is the highlight of our year. Not only are family and friends there, but many attendings and hospital employees join us for the celebration. Many of our graduates also attend which lends a real “homecoming” feel. It’s always nice to see everyone again. Not only is the event a formal graduation ceremony and awards presentation, the farewell from faculty is much anticipated with a slide show at the end bringing sentimental tear to many an eye.

Baby showers, the After-the-Intraining-Exam Party, Bridal (or “Groomal”) Showers, Match Day, or any good reason is a reason enough for us to have one of our traditional potlucks. Many are known for their specialty dish and we all look forward to joining in.

The Christmas Re-Gift Gift Exchange is a serious, competitive tradition each year. Everyone brings a re-gift and then we good naturedly steal it from one another.

The Hospital hosts an annual volleyball, bowling and softball tournament. A wonderful opportunity to play (lose) against the other (winning) departments, we have yet to bring home a first place trophy. But, we try.